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Want to link with us?

Drop us a line about yourself and send your CV. We will contact you as soon as possible.

What are our Advantages?


Build an individual training schedule with a mentor. Get regular 1-1 consultations and feedback from a mentor on the completed tasks. We teach you, not evaluate you.


Get practical experience working with cases taken from real projects. Successfully complete your studies and get a job offer.


Participants pass a mentoring program a year


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What is Linkup Academy for?

We want to work with the best professionals, and there is no better way than they will grow with us and understand our approaches. That is why we launched an individual mentoring program. All who pass the selection will be able to study for free, and after successful completion of training will join the team.

Want to link with us?

Drop us a line about yourself and send your CV. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Selection stages at Linkup Academy

Send your CV and cover letter
Initial interview with HR and technical review
Get an invitation to study
Obtaining a course completion certificate
The most successful students will be able to do an internship or get a job offer

Certificate Verification

Fill in the fields on this page to confirm the certificate you received after completing the Linkup Academy courses or to confirm that you have successfully completed the Linkup Academy certification.

Frequently asked questions

This is a free mentoring program.

You organize your own learning process and control the time you spend on studying. The time and method of communication is agreed with the mentor at the onboarding stage.

React, Node JS, Design, BA, QA, Flutter

You can apply at any time. If there are no vacancies for the mentoring program available, we will enter your data into the database, and as soon as such vacancies appear, you will be the first to know.

We will inform you of the name of a mentor in the invitation letter to the mentoring program. A mentor is a person who is currently working on real projects, has a set of competencies that allow him to perform mentoring functions, as well as has the appropriate technical level. We choose mentors based on their workload, but they all work according to the same training program.

The mentoring program is remote, but we can offer the best candidates to visit the office during the final 2-3 days to adapt and integrate into the culture and environment of the company (this offer is not always relevant and has a recommendatory nature). You will conduct the entire training program on your own laptops, the company does not provide equipment. The internship we offer the best candidates is paid, it takes place in the office and involves simple commercial tasks.

Vacancies arise on request from teams. If we receive a request that there will be a place in the team soon, we immediately open a vacancy for the training program, because we are interested in offering job in our teams to ambitious participants after training.

It all depends on the speed of perception of information and tasks. You determine the length of training, but keep in mind that the program lasts 2 months, so slow task performance or delaying the process can cause suspension of the program by the company. Therefore, when letting us know that you are ready to start the program, make sure that you have enough time and motivation to complete it.

During onboarding, you agree on the most convenient way of communication for both sides, as well as the platform and frequency of communication.

Preference is given to participants with stronger basic knowledge, ready to devote enough time and effort to study, as well as those candidates who have a strong desire to join the LinkUp Studio team.

Appropriate technical education is required, as the program is limited in time, and to teach a person from scratch in such a short time is almost impossible. Basic knowledge of the relevant field or technology is required. Details of the requirements will soon be posted on our website.

We offer paid internships to the best participants of the mentoring program, who learn quickly and are responsible for the tasks, and invite them to the office to work with real teams and real tasks. After a successful internship,they will be offered to become part of our team.

There is no clear start date. When a vacancy arises, we announce the initial selection of candidates, and after its completion, we inform the candidates about their successful entry into the mentoring program and fix the start date with a candidate individually. Selection can take up to 1-2 weeks. The program lasts for 2 months with maximum involvement in the learning process. However, it can be completed faster.

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