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5 Key benefits of the custom CRM for a real estate agency

5 Key benefits of the custom CRM for a real estate agency
If you try to think of the most client-oriented types of industry the real-estate business will definitely be one of those at the top of the list.
Oksana Khrupa
Oksana Khrupa
Chief Sales Officer

To satisfy the needs of a wide range of сustomers, real estate agencies need to be extremely flexible and have a comprehensive view of each client.

In the past, it was a really hard task and perhaps even impossible sometimes, because of the absence of effective tools for keeping all relevant information: some data could be missed, details could be misrepresented.

But people have always sought to improve the efficiency of their work, while making it as easy as possible. Machines, computers, robots, programs - everything was created in the name of improving efficiency and increasing production and sales.

Service sector entities, including real estate agencies, were no exception. Today, due to the development of special cloud-based management software keeping clients’ records has become more comfortable and productive. The variety of such programs can be combined into a general group called CRM.

Today, due to the development of special cloud-based management software keeping clients’ records has become more comfortable and productive. The variety of such programs can be combined into a general group called CRM.

So what is CRM and what are the benefits of its implementation for real estate business?

A standard CRM solution for a real-estate agency stands for customer management software which helps users carry out and manage transactions, attract and retain clients, and arrange various deals.
This is a special program able to operate on several platforms at the same time. Thus CRMs can be used either from a computer or laptop, or from a smartphone or tablet.

Any kind of business is actually based on various interactions with the existing and potential customers. But what has always been the topical problem is how to store and analyze the customers’ data better to be able to render better services and get higher profits. In this connection, CRM software is an issue that can solve most of these problems as it works with information from different sources including email services, website and social media analytics, phone history.

CRM software for a real estate agency takes into account the specifics of this activity. The functional sections it consists of include analytical reviews, information on objects, customers, transactions, etc. With the help of a CRM for a real estate agency, any employee who has access to it is able to receive data about a client, the number of successful transactions with him, etc. in a few minutes.

CRM for a real estate agency is vital. It helps to track the efficiency of the realtors' work, the reliability of buyers and sellers themselves as well as track the actual information on the objects. Basically, it has a great number of features that can significantly facilitate and speed up the work of a real estate specialist.

Why is custom CRM development necessary?

We should consider the fact that there is a wide range of firms and companies involved in real estate business. Just have a look at this list of the most popular ones:

  • Real Estate Brokerage Firms & Agents
  • Real Estate Development Firms
  • Real Estate Management Firms
  • Interior Design Companies
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Title Insurance Companies
  • Appraisal Companies
  • Building Owners
  • Real Estate Consultants
  • Expeditors

And yet there are many others. But despite any of these kinds, it doesn’t really matter how typical your business might seem, its team, operating manner, style and internal processes are unique. Therefore it is very hard to find a universal CRM system which satisfies the needs of different companies and operates perfectly well for everyone. That is when custom CRM software development comes up with the best solution for you. Moreover in current conditions when the business struggle for a place in the sun has become as intensive as never before you might be willing to make your company stand out from the crowd. And custom CRM software will definitely help to reflect your own unique identity.

Benefits of implementing CRM software for a real estate agency

Any kind of CRM software (custom and non-custom) is developed to help companies attract new customers and retain the current ones.

Recent surveys show that 91% of agencies with a number of employees exceeding 10 use CRM systems in client management, which means that even small businesses consider these solutions to be efficient and useful. But as we have already mentioned ready-made CRM solutions do not always fit into the existing business processes. That is why many companies prefer developing their own digital tools to manage the data and boost marketing models.

So let’s see what lies behind the efficiency of custom CRM solutions and consider their core benefits:

The software is tailored to your specific needs

Each type of real estate agency offers its own set of services, which can differ greatly in specifics. Therefore off-the-shelf solutions do not always meet the requirements of a particular agency. Moreover, ready-made CRM solutions often make you pay for the features you are not going to use but some additional features which are needed in your work are often not included into the package. The greatest advantage of the custom real estate CRM is that it is tailored specifically to your business flows and needs. You can add any features you want to make your system functionality comply with the tasks that the company solves.

Custom workflow automation

Real estate is a complex industry and a wide range of tasks to perform like arrangement of contact information, relationship management, scheduling of calls and meetings, etc. tends to be especially hard for big companies. Packaged solutions do not always allow performing specific kinds of automation as they cover only the common needs of different businesses. This is the very case when custom CRM solutions can be of much help as they are able to automate such spheres as sales, marketing, notifications, customer support, analytics, etc.

Better management opportunities

CRM solutions have great potential to help your business achieve the desired goals. The CRM package includes visual dashboards where users can view the full picture of the sales process.

Tracking the progress, adding tasks, setting up meetings, scheduling appointments and calls are among the tasks which can be easily performed with the help of the software. Due to the synchronization of calls, emails, and calendars, you can easily discuss meeting time with leads and share arrangement details. Custom CRM systems allow managing the processes taking into account the specific flows of a particular company. The elements of the system with the help of custom CRM software can be developed in small sessions as well as changed and scaled whenever it is needed.

Convenient storage of client information

The client base is the most valuable asset of any company. When it comes to sorting and keeping customer data CRM software for real estate agencies is extremely helpful.

Custom CRM systems allow any employee working in the company to use any information stored in it and at the same time update the database, replenishing the program archive with the results of his professional activities: creating, selecting, editing, registering a transaction. The entire history of the real estate agency is entered into CRM for real estate, which allows you to keep an analytical record of the results of its activities. With small details like user stories, preferences, activity history, you’ll be able to provide excellent customer service to your clients.

Better lead attraction and customer retention

Recent surveys show that custom CRM software has a strong influence on the growth of business and its results.

When you need to consider why and at what stage you are losing your clients you’ll probably have to fall back on customer analytics. But standard CRM systems will allow you to filter only basic information and data on your clients whereas custom CRM software takes the advantage of providing combinations of filters and features of your customers.

Special modules for lead management can simplify loads of procedures and allow you to reduce time spent on preparing for meetings, timely perform various follow-up activities, easily find documents or contact details. They also help to determine customer preferences and behavior which makes it easier for you to choose the relevant strategy.

Real Estate CRM software development at LinkUp Studio

Creating custom CRM solutions for real estate business is one of the areas we focus on. One of the brightest examples of a real estate CRM system that we have developed includes a great number of features in one solution. It was created for a real estate consulting company dealing with property compliance and changes in the legislation of residential properties in New York City, USA. It is a software platform that provides workflow automation and project management for tax abatement, sanitation violations, lottery, and lease-up.

The dedicated team and an in-depth approach help us to deliver amazing solutions for companies, which specialize in various industries.

We develop sophisticated CRM software systems that help our clients solve a range of pains:

  • the use of multiple secondary tools;
  • inefficient communications between customers, sellers, personnel, leads, etc.;
  • non-user-friendly interface, design; etc.
  • poor analytics functionality;
  • the lack of automation in business processes.
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Oksana Khrupa
Oksana Khrupa
Chief Sales Officer
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