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ScaleAbout is now Wisio

Our reliable partner ScaleAbout has changed its name to Wisio.

Our reliable partner ScaleAbout has changed its name to Wisio and from now is available here.

When ScaleAbout was just starting out, the main focus was directed on building of a high-quality product, whereas the name of the brand appeared to be not highly important at that time. But with the help of dedicated partners, advisors, investors and people, who loved the product, ScaleAbout was developing and growing and today after 3 years they have turned into a bigger, smarter and stronger company. LinkUp Studio team did their best to contribute to the development of the Wisio product and today we feel the pride in observing of the changes. The right time has come to start focusing on the brand name and change it to the one, which will better reflect their mission.

So... Say hello to Wisio - a way for social media creators to share their wisdom through personal video interactions.

We hope that the new name will bring new success and promotion. We thank you @Adam Frank for wonderful cooperation and will keep on building the same high level of relationship with Wisio.

P.S. In case you were wondering, the name ScaleAbout was chosen because there was a domain name available :)


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