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After a year of dedicated collaboration with the startup founders, the team at Linkup Studio successfully launched a streamlined rental platform specifically for temporary accommodations in Switzerland. We tailored this platform for commercial landlords, offering serviced apartments at competitive prices. Our team created an array of features, simplified processes, and efficient organizational structures, allowing the Apartolino founders to present appealing opportunities to landlords. Now, everyone from globe-trotting adventurers and business professionals to local residents can easily secure a long-term serviced apartment online in just a few simple steps.

Currently, the platform has over 442 properties and caters to more than 700 tenants and landlords. With an extensive listing of properties throughout Switzerland, Apartolino has become a notable member of the Swiss Startup Association, continuously expanding its reach and capabilities. The client is actively conducting marketing campaigns to draw in more landlords, offering them lucrative and convenient terms for partnership.

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July 2018 – now
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8 members
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Explore how we created the innovative platform designed to ease administrative duties for landlords and simplify long-term serviced apartment rentals.
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Explore how we created the innovative platform designed to ease administrative duties for landlords and simplify long-term serviced apartment rentals.
Client & Business challenge

Identifying Market Needs & Crafting Ideas

A Swiss-based real estate startup emerged from a clear vision to address specific gaps in the serviced apartment rental market. With the founders' extensive background in marketing residential and commercial properties, the company pinpointed a crucial need. 

The core idea was to significantly reduce the administrative workload for landlords by integrating automated processes and simplifying rental procedures, particularly for commercial landlords of serviced apartments. This approach aimed to make operations more efficient and attractive for landlords.

Simultaneously, the founders wanted a user-friendly interface catering to a wide range of users, including globetrotters and local residents. The goal was to enable secure and hassle-free online rental of serviced apartments for long-term stays. Recognizing the market's need for a digital platform different from traditional hotel booking systems, they envisioned focusing on low rental costs and efficient company structures. Thus, they set out to collaborate with Linkup Studio to realize this innovative concept.

project description

Creating a Streamlined Booking & Rental Management Processes

Tasked with revolutionizing the rental experience, Linkup Studio took on a challenge to create a sophisticated real estate platform, integrating advanced search and property management features to cater to the unique needs of landlords and tenants in the serviced apartment sector.

  • Enhanced Search Functionality. Our team at Linkup Studio created an advanced search system, equipped with comprehensive filters. This allows tenants to accurately find properties matching their requirements in terms of size, price, and amenities. We focused on making the search process more intuitive and tailored to each tenant's specific needs.
  • Dynamic Dashboards for Tenants and Landlords. We developed detailed dashboards that provide a quick overview of essential rental information, such as rental periods, financial summaries, and trip counts. These dashboards are designed to facilitate effective management and planning for both tenants and landlords.
  • Robust Identity Verification System. Our platform ensures enhanced security through a robust identity verification process, utilizing phone numbers and IDnow services. This feature is crucial in maintaining trustworthy and safe interactions among users on the platform.
  • Integrated Messaging and Payment Systems. We incorporated in-built messaging and payment systems to ensure smooth and secure communication and financial transactions. This integration is key to providing a seamless and hassle-free rental experience.
  • Comprehensive Property and Booking Management. Linkup Studio crafted a property and booking management tool that provides landlords with detailed insights into property usage, cleaning schedules, maintenance needs, and booking statuses, significantly easing the management of their properties.
  • Automated Tenant Credit Assessment and Fraud Analysis. The platform includes an automated system for conducting tenant credit checks and fraud analysis. This feature is designed to minimize financial risks for landlords and ensure the reliability of tenants.
  • Streamlined Legal Contract Processing. We enabled effortless legal contract processing and booking confirmation on the platform. This functionality aims to make the legal aspects of renting straightforward and more transparent for all parties involved.
  • Efficient Automated Invoicing. Our platform automates the invoicing process, ensuring the inclusion of accurate client details. This automation significantly reduces the administrative burden and elevates the professionalism of financial transactions.
Creating a Streamlined Booking & Rental Management Processes
Digital Platform For Temporary Living

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The client wouldn't have been able to start after a year of development without LinkUp Studio's work. They take concern with the project like it's their own and always make sure it's progressing.
Raphael Michel
CEO at Apartolino
Digital Platform For Temporary Living

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