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Linkup Studio delivered a well-thought-out and intuitive UI & UX design for CashFlow, a centralized DeFi application that helps everyone, from novice to mature investors, to establish a reliable passive income stream from many blockchains that ensure smart diversification. Our team completed all planned work in 2 months instead of the planned 3, saving the client more than $10,000, which is about 40% of the project cost. The application design also received one of the most renowned design awards - the Red Dot Design Award 2022

Investors highly appreciated the result, and the client is currently developing the development for further launch on the global market.

Result delivered:
Total product duration:
March 2022 - Dec. 2022
Involved Team:
4 members
Received awards:
Red Dot Design Award ’22
Red Dot Design Award ’22
Explore how Linkup Studio skillfully crafted an innovative UI & UX design for a DeFi application in just 2 months, achieving a remarkable 40% cost saving and securing the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2022.
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Explore how Linkup Studio skillfully crafted an innovative UI & UX design for a DeFi application in just 2 months, achieving a remarkable 40% cost saving and securing the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2022.
Client & Business challenge

Bridging the Gap Between Technology and Users in Crypto Investing

The client, a crypto startup founder from Puerto Rico, has been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world for over five years. He runs several platforms that reduce bank fees for financial transactions and help people worldwide invest in cryptocurrency for profit.

Linkup Studio was asked to create a user-friendly UI and UX design for CashFlow, the client's new DeFi (decentralized finance) application. DeFi apps are usually complex and hard for beginners to understand, especially with the detailed crypto features needed for smart investing. The client wanted our team to make the CashFlow app easy to use for both beginners and experienced investors. We aimed to design a straightforward and clear solution that would help as many people as possible to earn extra money by investing in the cryptocurrency market. Our goal was to make the complex world of crypto investing easy for anyone to join in.

project description

Creating the Functionality in DeFi Application

In developing key features for the DeFi application, we focused on creating an interface that is both powerful and user-friendly, catering to various investment strategies:

  • Swapping Feature. We integrated a must-have swapping function that allows users to exchange one crypto asset for another seamlessly. This feature includes a user-friendly interface with a graph displaying the historical performance of the cryptocurrencies being traded.
  • Yield Farming Tool.To enable users to lend their cryptocurrency and earn interest, we implemented a yield farming feature. This allows users to generate annual interest income in different cryptocurrencies or receive additional rewards.
  • Staking Option. Recognizing the popularity of staking for passive income, we included a feature where users can deposit their cryptocurrency for a set period as a contribution to a blockchain network, earning coins or tokens in return.
  • Borrowing & Lending Crypto. We developed a secure system for lending crypto assets. This system ensures the safe return of borrowed funds and allows users to borrow specific amounts for creating profitable cryptocurrency pairs for staking or other purposes.
  • Simplified Deposit & Withdrawal. Our team made it exceptionally straightforward to purchase, manage, and withdraw digital assets in CashFlow. Users can quickly access their investment profits or all their financial resources with ease.
Creating the Functionality in DeFi Application
Centralized DeFi Application for Everyone


We created complete RTL Arabic and English wireframes for each product part and page first to align them with the client’s vision. In this phase, we also had to agree on the same font for each language to simplify further development and give both English- and Arabic-speaking users a convenient user experience.
Wireframe 1Wireframe 2Wireframe 3

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Typography and color palette

I like the way the Linkup team was organized to work on the CashFlow project. Each team member was highly efficient, responsive, and always available. They all played their role very well.
Michael Konrad
Founder & CEO at CashFlow
Centralized DeFi Application for Everyone

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