Platform for Advancing Athlete Safety & Streamlining Sports Management

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Linkup Studio adeptly developed and deployed Clear2Play™, a platform tailored to the unique needs of the sports industry. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates athlete health monitoring with a network for connecting athletes and coaches. Clear2Play™ is pivotal in enhancing athlete safety, ensuring compliance, and facilitating effective communication within the sports community.

Our expert team's contributions have established Clear2Play™ as a leading solution in sports management. This platform has been recognized for its impact and reliability, becoming the official Athlete Safety Software of USA Hockey and receiving recommendations from the US Center For Safesport. Clear2Play™ stands as a hallmark of commitment to athlete well-being and organizational efficiency.

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Web & Mobile Apps From Scratch
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June 2018 – Jan. 2020
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7 members
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized sports management, ensured athlete safety, enhanced coach-athlete connections, and fostered a community of trust and efficiency.
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized sports management, ensured athlete safety, enhanced coach-athlete connections, and fostered a community of trust and efficiency.
Client & Business challenge

Confronting the Challenges in Sports Management

The founder of a health and social media startup, associated with the American Association of Sport in Salt Lake City, USA, identified critical gaps in the sports industry, notably in athlete health monitoring and social networking. These issues included inadequate health tracking and a lack of a platform for connecting athletes with credible coaches, affecting athlete safety and professional development.

To address these challenges, the founder sought a skilled partner in digital product design and development and chose Linkup Studio. Their goal was to develop a unified solution that would improve health monitoring and create a reliable network for coach-athlete interactions.

Linkup Studio accepted the task of crafting an integrated platform. Our team’s objective was to streamline health monitoring processes and establish a secure, efficient communication channel between athletes and coaches. This project aimed to elevate the standards of efficiency, safety, and trust in sports management, aligning with the startup's vision and the industry's needs.

project description

Creating a Comprehensive and Integrated Platform

In creating Clear2Play™, Linkup Studio meticulously crafted a platform that addresses the diverse and dynamic needs of the sports community. The following features, developed by Linkup Studio, highlight the platform's comprehensive approach:

  • Customized Health Monitoring System. Linkup Studio developed a sophisticated system for customizable health surveys, test and vaccine tracking, and an integrated document management feature. This system streamlines the management of athletes' health records, providing a valuable tool for proactive health monitoring.
  • Coach-Athlete Connectivity. The team crafted a network specifically designed to connect athletes with professional coaches. This feature emphasizes transparency and credibility, creating a trustworthy environment for building coach-athlete relationships.
  • Comprehensive Compliance and Safety Tools. Linkup Studio implemented robust tools for background checks and concussion training, ensuring that coaches adhere to the highest safety and compliance standards.
  • Enhanced Communication Capabilities. Recognizing the importance of timely communication, Linkup Studio integrated a real-time messaging and notification system to improve interactions between coaches and athletes, facilitating better engagement and responsiveness.
  • Performance Analytics Integration. The platform includes advanced analytics tools developed by Linkup Studio. These tools enable coaches and athletes to track and analyze performance, aiding in the creation of customized training plans.
  • Event and Schedule Management. As an additional feature, Linkup Studio introduced a sophisticated system for managing events and schedules. This tool allows for the efficient organization of training sessions, competitions, and meetings, adding another layer of convenience and efficiency to the platform.
Creating a Comprehensive and Integrated Platform
Platform for Advancing Athlete Safety & Streamlining Sports Management

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Their hearts are invested in the project. The partnership feels much stronger than in would with others.
Tim Ruppert
CEO at Great Coach (Clear2play)
Platform for Advancing Athlete Safety & Streamlining Sports Management

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