Patient Care & Tracking Application for Doctors

Patient Care & Tracking Application for Doctors

In 1 year, the Linkup Studio team launched an MVP of a versatile mobile app designed to streamline doctors' daily routines. The app empowers physicians to efficiently manage appointments, attach service fees, and create on-demand, time-framed reports.

Feedback from 30 physician-beta-testers across various states highlighted its success. Utilizing the tool's appointment scheduling and automated documentation, physicians increased their daily patient load from 15 to 20. With our system handling all billing within the platform, there's no need for patients to visit banks personally. This shift optimizes convenience and has led to an 80% reduction in billing errors, eliminating a major cause of revenue loss and disputes. Report generation has become notably more efficient, requiring only 30 minutes per week instead of 1.5 hours. Additionally, patient satisfaction surged, rising from an average score of 4 to 4.5. Linkup Studio continues to develop new app features as our client presents this solution at medical conferences.

Result delivered:
Mobile App MVP from Scratch
Total product duration:
May 2023 - now
Involved Team:
9 members
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized healthcare management with an innovative mobile app.
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized healthcare management with an innovative mobile app.
Client & Business challenge

Innovating Patient Care: Market Scope & Challenges

The USA-based startup is set to deliver a digital solution to state hospitals, clinics, private physicians, and even urgent care centers. The platform aims to simplify appointment scheduling and comprehensive patient care management for doctors, placing everything healthcare professionals need right at their fingertips.

The project is anchored in data indicating that the global healthtech market is predicted to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.6% from 2023 to 2030, surging to $809.2 billion by 2030.

After conducting over 25 interviews with physicians from five states and across various facilities, both the startup founder and our business analysis team identified common issues: many doctors struggle with effectively managing patient appointments, maintaining consultation records, handling patient-related documents and invoices, and generating reports. These challenges create inefficiencies and bottlenecks that impact both the quality of care and the overall patient experience.

Given this reality, the client required a highly capable tech and design team to shoulder the responsibility of developing a multifunctional EHR system in a mobile app. In addition, strict laws in the US surrounding patient data protection mandate adherence to HIPAA legislation. As our solution targets not only the US market but also intends to expand and cater to Europe, it must align with GDPR.

project description

Constructing a Robust Mobile App for Optimized Healthcare

In this transformative project, Linkup Studio navigated several complex challenges to deliver a solution that truly revolutionizes patient care management:

  • Innovating appointment management: We disrupted the conventional appointment scheduling process by centralizing online and in-person bookings. We balanced user experience with functionality so doctors could have unprecedented control over their schedules and consultation fees.
  • Digitizing patient records: The transformation of physical patient records into digital cards was a delicate task, demanding rigorous attention to detail. Our solution eliminated the risk of lost paper files, bringing healthcare documentation into the digital age.
  • Creating an interactive patient portal: Developing a patient portal posed its own challenges, particularly in terms of ensuring ease of use while incorporating necessary features like doctor communication, cure research, appointment scheduling, and insurance claims submission.
  • Streamlining income and report management: The app was designed to alleviate administrative burdens for healthcare professionals. By integrating tools for income management and reporting, we addressed challenges related to data visualization and report generation, ensuring doctors could track important metrics at a glance.¬†
  • Compliance with data protection laws: Navigating the complex landscapes of HIPAA and GDPR legislation was no small feat. We devoted significant resources to ensure our app was fully compliant, prioritizing user trust and data safety.
Constructing a Robust Mobile App for Optimized Healthcare
Patient Care & Tracking Application for Doctors

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Patient Care & Tracking Application for Doctors

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