Educational AR Platform for Learning Makeup

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Beauty & Education
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In 7 months, Linkup Studio has developed and launched the MVP of GlamdPro mobile apps for Android and iOS from the ground up. Now, users worldwide can access top-notch, convenient AR makeup courses right from their devices. They can effortlessly craft their desired look with the finesse of a professional makeup artist, earn certifications for their newfound expertise, connect with mentors, and receive daily beauty tips.

Achieving results comparable to expensive offline training, users will be able to save over 10x with GlamdPro. The client collaborates with renowned US celebrities and makeup experts to curate unique courses and also runs marketing drives to attract more users. The partnership prospects look promising because Linkup Studio, as the tech and design partner, works hard to grow GlamdPro into a full-fledged education platform with various user roles and training programs.

Result delivered:
MVP Delivered in 7 Months
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Mar. 2022 – now
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized mobile makeup education with AR technology.
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized mobile makeup education with AR technology.
Client & Business challenge

Leveraging Tech for Affordable Beauty Education

The client, a seasoned makeup and lash artist with over 13 years of experience, is also the entrepreneur behind the CLASHD beauty platform. She recognized a gap in the beauty industry: making quality makeup education accessible and affordable for everyone.

In the US alone, there are over 2,000 offline makeup courses. Their prices range from $500 to $3,500 and even higher if taught by renowned artists or celebrities. Traditional, such training is time-intensive. Moreover, there was a noticeable absence of modern educational platforms offering AR capabilities that were easily accessible via smartphones. 

Spotting this opportunity, the client approached our team at Linkup Studio with an idea to create a mobile app that would rival offline courses in value and feature exclusive lessons from top-tier professionals and celebrities. All these had to be available right from users' pockets, anytime and anywhere.

project description

Redefining Makeup Learning with GlamdPro's Leap into AR

To enhance the user experience for makeup enthusiasts and to unlock business opportunities of the GlamdPro app for the client, the Linkup Studio team undertook several intricate tasks:

  • Collaboration with Makeup Experts: For top-notch AR makeup tutorials, we worked closely with seasoned makeup artists. Their insights and feedback gave us the delicate nuances that help users create exceptional makeup.
  • Perfecting AR Mask Adaptability: We added DeepAR and refined this AR technology to ensure seamless facial tracking, enabling the AR masks to adapt flawlessly to four distinct face shapes: oval, round, square, and diamond. This ensures users enjoy a consistent and immersive experience, even when moving their heads.
  • Crafting Detailed AR Tutorials: Our dedicated team designed and crafted around 100 masks for every stage of the makeup process across various tutorials. These were then animated and systematically stored in the database, making them easily accessible for users during their makeup learning journey.
  • Integrated Messaging Feature: After passing tutorials, users who purchased courses can receive expert feedback from their personal mentors. This not only helps enhance their skills but also augments the future educational strategy of GlamdPro.
  • Building a Scalable System: Envisioning a future where the app evolves into a holistic AR-driven educational platform, we designed a system architecture capable of accommodating and streamlining the development of additional product modules.
Redefining Makeup Learning with GlamdPro's Leap into AR
Educational AR Platform for Learning Makeup

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No one has understood what I want and what I draw up like they do. Linkup has been so good to me that I’ve stopped shopping around for other agencies.
Brittani Sylvester
CEO & Co-Founder at CLASHD
Educational AR Platform for Learning Makeup

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