All-in-one Digital Organizing Hub for Mobilizing a Movement

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Government & Public Services
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Linkup Studio has significantly improved and upgraded the Impactive platform, an all-in-one hub with tools for digital outreach and engagement used for initiatives to revitalize civic society. It proved to be a game-changer in the recent presidential race by facilitating voter outreach during Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s campaigns. The effect was so significant that it was identified as one of the main reasons behind their victory.

Our complete product redesign, updated and developed-from-scratch features have greatly enhanced the volunteer user experience and campaign management capabilities. In the course of working with us, the business has reached 1,000+ clients, been used in 50+ states, got 350,000+ registered volunteers, and more.

Result delivered:
Highly Improved Platform
Total product duration:
March 2021 - now
Involved Team:
10 members
Received awards:
#CultureofDemocracy award nominee
#CultureofDemocracy award nominee
Learn about Linkup's role in building a top-notch platform for coordinating civil society campaigns in the United States
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Learn about Linkup's role in building a top-notch platform for coordinating civil society campaigns in the United States
Client & Business challenge

Partnering to Drive Success and Improve Functionality

Impactive is a one-stop digital hub for managing and powering grassroots political and social campaigns.  While competitors offer one or a few services, Impactive offers a comprehensive seat, covering all client needs for their campaign organizing and management. 

After the launch of a product, the business struggled with a deluge of feature requests from various clients to bolster the platform’s administrative capabilities, enhance social campaign management, and improve usability for volunteers working with their assigned contacts. Each new feature complicated the product for users more and more. Executives and the workforce couldn't keep up, so they turned to Linkup Studio. 

Therefore, our team embarked on a project to entirely rebuild the client's product's UX and UI. This undertaking aimed to preserve the customary earlier workflow algorithms, enhance user-friendliness, enable seamless integration of new features, and update existing functionalities while introducing new ones.

project description

A Complete Revamp of Impactive

While updating and bringing Impactive's outstanding features to market, our experts have dealt with the following:

  • Product Redesign: We addressed the system's inconsistency and usability issues by redesigning the product. Our team developed a design system with clear guidelines and gamified the user experience, considering development limitations, team communication, and long-term support.
  • Enhanced Filters for Campaign Admins: To better track volunteer effectiveness, our team developed flexible filters in the admin section. This enables managers to more accurately assess each volunteer's performance and allocate or reassign contacts more effectively.
  • Optimized Information in the System: We tackled the challenge of managing multiple campaigns in different locations by developing a structured system with tags and folders. This enhancement aids campaign leaders in managing their campaigns more efficiently.
  • Automated Communication: To reduce the time volunteers spend on repetitive messaging, we implemented a broadcast keyword automation system, similar to a chatbot. This innovation saves time for volunteers and increases campaign efficiency.
  • Streamlined Fundraising Strategy: Recognizing the need for effective fundraising support for nonprofits and charities, we designed a new fundraising functionality. It features trackable links and a dashboard for a comprehensive overview of campaign performance, helping organizations in strategic fundraising and audience understanding.
A Complete Revamp of Impactive
All-in-one Digital Organizing Hub for Mobilizing a Movement

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Linkup Studio team cares deeply about our products and understands the intents behind them. Their talented and scalable team manages projects well via GitHub and Notion. They're also very responsive and vet designs to prevent bad development.
Naseem Makiya
Founder & CEO at Impactive
All-in-one Digital Organizing Hub for Mobilizing a Movement

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