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Linkup joined in the development of the up-and-running Impactive platform. 

Our experts, in collaboration with the existing team, elevated the platform to the next level. We delivered a unified UX/UI product design, optimized current features to improve the volunteer customer experience, and refined the platform by developing new features the clients requested. 

Impactive is used to contact voters during election campaigns and became one of the main reasons Joe Biden won in the recent presidential race. In the course of working with Linkup, the platform has reached 1,000+ clients, been used in 50+ states, got 350k+ registered volunteers, and more.

Result delivered:

Highly Improved Platform

Total product duration:

Mar 2021 - now

Involved Team:

10 members

Received awards:

#CultureofDemocracy award nominee

Learn about Linkup's role in building a top-notch platform for coordinating civil society campaigns in the United States


Partnering to Drive Success and Improve Functionality

Impactive's CEO and CTO were looking for highly skilled backend, frontend, QA specialists, and business analysts who had extensive experience in developing various products in order to expand their current team. Linkup met the requirements and was tasked to improve existing functionality and accelerate the permanent development and implementation of the new features that Impactive's clients needed for their specific campaigns. The product needed to enhance its administrative capabilities, improve social campaign management, and increase usability for volunteers working with their assigned contacts.

Our designers also aimed to create a streamlined and product-focused UX and UI to make the entire Impactive user experience more intuitive and easy to operate.


A Complete Revamp of Impactive

While updating and bringing Impactive's outstanding features to market, our experts have dealt with the following:

  • Creating a development-oriented and understandable user flow for the admin and volunteer sections of the platform. Before Linkup, there were situational visual drafts, but no holistic design. We delicately updated the appearance of the existing application logic to improve the user experience for both regular users accustomed to the previous interface and newcomers. 
  • Enhancing campaign management by adding sub-campaigns with similar settings but different event goals. This improves result tracking, allows admins to compare their efficiency, and saves management time overall. 
  • Improving volunteer management by creating groups based on task focus, their common ground, location, or other parameters. Admins can now send these groups targeted actions, setting up competitions between them. We've also added extensive filter functionality to increase the flexibility of evaluating teams, their leaders, and individual volunteer's performance.  
  • Optimizing the various platform features. Linkup experts created comprehensive project folder usage and management capabilities to improve staff performance and track campaign results. We've also simplified the inbox with an archiving option to help volunteers save time searching for active chats and engaging people.

Our team regularly suggested improvements and updates to the processes we handled for the client. This saved many working hours and resources for the entire Impactive team. 



More Enhanced Solution for Civil Society Initiatives

As a result of the cooperation with Impactive, the Linkup expert team contributed valuable features and qualitatively improved the already developed ones. This has reinforced the product's position in the market. While other companies provide standalone features, Impactive covers all demands in a single solution. 

Impactive now contains an updated admin panel with improved usability for managing campaigns and employee projects, as well as a web and mobile app for volunteers to organize the interaction with people and engage them in pushing the campaign forward. We are still developing new functionality to ensure an even better customer experience for volunteers and to assist in significantly impacting civil society initiatives in the US.

Technology Stack:

React Native

Ruby on Rails



Linkup Studio team cares deeply about our products and understands the intents behind them.

Naseem Makiya

Founder & CEO


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