Breath-taking Game Alternative to the World-famous Catan®

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The linkup team has responded to the client's idea and created, improved and simplified the Landover game, which is inspired by the hugely successful Settlers of Catan®. We have become a fully committed partner and built the game design from scratch, as well as participated in the end-to-end development cycle for its major features. The game is now available on Android, iOS, and web platforms. Since its launch, the app has reached over 5000 downloads on Google Play, and the monthly number of users in November 2022 exceeded 2500. Now, our team continues to support the product and constantly implements new features and updates. 

Result delivered:
Launched Mobile & Web Application
Total product duration:
May 2020 - now
Involved Team:
6 members
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Get to know the challenges and processes we undertook to create a highly-rated product for Catan® enthusiasts
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Get to know the challenges and processes we undertook to create a highly-rated product for Catan® enthusiasts
Client & Business challenge

Forming #1 Catan Alternative to Settlers of Catan

Following the successful and profitable gaming app launches, including Word Links, Mafia Moles, and Party Mafia, the client came up with the idea for Landover. He envisioned this project as a design-improved, eye-catching, and bug-free mobile & web game based on Catan® with extended rules and new features added. 

He previously appreciated our teams reliability and was now looking for a proven partner for a complete design and partial front and backend development. The clients goal was to get a powerful result that matters, an app that runs smoothly. And the team he works with should be able to deliver it. 

project description

Crafting the Board Strategy Game

While creating the Landover, our team had to handle the following challenges:

  • Creating a vivid style. The original game had a dull and monotonous design. We had to rethink this and make the game map with prominent cartoon color accents to make pointed resources stand out. We also had to create easy menus, user avatars, and other elements. 
  • Horizontal-oriented mobile and web design. Usually, game design for mobile apps is vertical, and for desktop ones, it's horizontal. The Landover was not typical, so we had to utilize best practices in mobile and desktop design to present the best-fitting element's hierarchy. Additionally, we had to take keyboard input into account to make each detail of the user experience seamless. 
  • Game creation flows. Our development team had to brainstorm, offer and implement many options for gamers to start a game: quick start on an automatic guest account without registration, creating public games and private ones for friends with the ability to share an invitation link to join. 
  • Adding subscriptions. Developers had to produce a single code to enable payment for customer subscriptions for Android, iOS, and Web users, connect the built-in system payment mobile systems, and integrate the Stripe API for suitable Web payments. 
  • Advertising implementation. The client gave us a general ad task, and our decision became to implement Google Ad Mode and configure the ads type to provide the client with one of the most effective sources of revenue for the such an application type. 

We also worked on other system features: creating effective tools to delete accounts, so users don't leave a trail of personal information, developing a built-in messenger for communication with unread message counts, messaging history for different game types: turn-based and instant ones, and more.  

Crafting the Board Strategy Game
Breath-taking Game Alternative to the World-famous Catan®

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Typography and color palette

We were lucky to choose Linkup as our first developer. Delivered apps fulfilled the original vision, launched successfully, and organically attracted a dedicated user base. Language and time zones presented small issues, but Linkup's collaborative, committed team dynamic made up the difference. They behaved as a partner rather than a contractor.
Jay Severson
Founder & CEO at Nutty Putty
Breath-taking Game Alternative to the World-famous Catan®

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