The Advanced Rental Rating Platform for Australian Real Estate Market

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The Linkup Studio team skillfully developed and deployed the Nestler platform within the projected timeline, specifically designed to meet the needs of property owners, managers, and investors. Our platform innovatively reduces the risk of fake reviews by 100%, tackling the challenge of unreliable information that is often found on similar platforms. Nestler emerges as a powerful online tool, empowering managers to strengthen their online reputation, attract leads, and independently manage their portfolios to maximize financial gains.

Thanks to our team's expertise, the platform has become a distinctive solution in the Australian real estate market. Nestler represents the start of a dependable community of investors, managers, and tenants, collectively striving to enhance the rental experience for all parties involved.

Result delivered:
Web Platform from Scratch
Total product duration:
Aug. 2017 – Nov. 2018
Involved Team:
6 members
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Discover how Linkup Studio transformed Australian real estate: 100% genuine reviews, superior management, and community building.
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Discover how Linkup Studio transformed Australian real estate: 100% genuine reviews, superior management, and community building.
Client & Business challenge

From Observing to Envisioning: Tackling Real Estate Market Flaws

Two experienced property managers observed troubling trends in the real estate market and envisioned an innovative product to address these issues.

In 2017, the property rental market was mired in transparency, accountability, and credibility issues. A significant portion of property investors, around 80%, were open to changing their property managers for better deals. Simultaneously, a majority of property managers, about 60%, were grappling with feelings of being overworked and underpaid. This situation underscored a critical need for a change in the industry.

Addressing this need, the founders, with their in-depth experience in property management, sought to develop a platform that would tackle these challenges head-on. They envisioned a tool that would simplify the search for competent property managers and bring a new level of trust to the sector. To realize this vision, they approached Linkup Studio, seeking a development partner capable of translating this ambitious concept into a tangible, impactful solution.

project description

Building a Platform to Maximize Its Potential

Responding to a request for expert development, our team at Linkup Studio was in charge of creating the Nestler platform, focusing on improving experiences for investors, managers, and tenants. We developed a range of specialized features, each crafted to meet specific needs within the real estate domain:

  • Comprehensive Search: Our team developed a feature that allows users to conduct detailed searches for property managers. This tool is pivotal in matching users with managers who meet their specific financial and operational requirements.
  • Leaving Reviews: We implemented a review system to foster a culture of transparency and trust. This development by our team ensures users can make informed decisions based on credible, user-generated feedback.
  • In-built Messaging System: Recognizing the importance of communication, our team integrated a messaging system to facilitate seamless interactions, enhancing the efficiency and clarity of all communications within the platform.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Our team integrated Stripe as the payment gateway to provide a secure and streamlined financial transaction process, adding a layer of safety and convenience to the platform's monetary dealings.
  • Proposals and Invitations Functions: We developed functionalities that allow property managers to send proposals and clients to extend invitations. This feature simplifies the initiation and negotiation of business relationships.
  • Transparent User Information and Deal-Making: We ensured that all users have access to comprehensive information about each other. This feature allows for transactions with trustworthy individuals, elevating the platform's overall reliability.
  • Access to Top Renters: A significant feature developed by our team is granting users access to the highest-rated renters, based on reviews from previous property managers. This feature reduces tenancy risks and enhances the security of property investments.
Building a Platform to Maximize Its Potential
The Advanced Rental Rating Platform for Australian Real Estate Market

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Linkup has built the platform up to specifications, hitting milestones, and fixing bugs. They are good value for money, easy to work with, and committed to high-quality outcomes.
Jack Murphy
Co-Founder at Nestler
The Advanced Rental Rating Platform for Australian Real Estate Market

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