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Product Design for a Blockchain Platform Serving 10 Million Users

Cryptocurrency, FinTech
Cryptocurrency, FinTech
Blockchain-augmenting Platform

Linkup Studio made a critical redesign of the OMG Network platform, marking its ascent in the competitive cryptocurrency market with a standout, modern design. Our team's efforts in revamping the interface resulted in a user-friendly experience, characterized by accessible language and an intuitive layout, setting OMG Network apart in an industry often challenged by user accessibility.

This transformation, pivotal in attracting and retaining a diverse user base, significantly contributed to the success of Boba Network, a primary collaborator with OMG Network. By November 2021, Boba Network achieved the second-highest total value locked (TVL) among Layer 2 solutions (link), a testament to the effectiveness of our design and usability enhancements.

Through our strategic design interventions, OMG Network has broadened its global impact, now serving over 10 million people in 92 countries. Linkup Studio's role in this journey has not only enhanced the platform's functionality but also solidified its standing as a formidable entity in the blockchain sector.

Result delivered:
Complete Product Redesign
Total product duration:
June 2021 - Aug. 2021
Involved Team:
3 members
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Explore how Linkup Studio revolutionized the OMG Network platform, enhancing user experience in the world of cryptocurrency.
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Explore how Linkup Studio revolutionized the OMG Network platform, enhancing user experience in the world of cryptocurrency.
Client & Business challenge

Identifying User Experience Gaps in Decentralized Infrastructure

Alan Chiu, a California-based tech entrepreneur, approached Linkup Studio with a significant challenge. His platform, a leading provider of secure multiparty computation services with over 10 million users in 91 countries, needed a design overhaul. The focus was on Boba Network, a core contributor to OMG Network, known for its Ethereum Layer 2 Optimistic Rollup scaling solution.

The platform, while technically advanced, lacked an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which was crucial for its role as a preferred platform for decentralized application developers. The existing design did not fully cater to the diverse needs of its global user base, potentially impacting its market position.

Linkup Studio’s task was to completely reimagine the platform’s design, making it simple, memorable, and intuitive. This meant creating an interface that resonated with a broader audience, simplifying the complexities of decentralized transactions. The goal was to transform the platform into a user-friendly gateway, solidifying OMG Network’s standing in the decentralized finance world.

project description

Optimizing System Functionality and Accessibility

Our project with OMG Network began with a foundational phase focused on extensive research and analysis, setting the stage for a comprehensive overhaul of the user interface and experience. This process included:

  • In-depth Analysis and Research. We conducted a thorough analysis of business requirements and a comprehensive competitor study. Additionally, a detailed color study was undertaken to determine the most fitting design approach. Our objective was to identify unique aspects that would make the platform distinctive among its competitors.
  • Design Validation and Enhancement. After the research phase, we evaluated the existing design features, navigation, and layout. This involved identifying areas of confusion in platform navigation and gathering feedback for improvement. The aim was to streamline the platform by removing redundant content and adjusting the design to fit new, more efficient wireframes.
  • Enhanced Authentication. We improved the language and explanations around wallet connections, making the platform more user-friendly and secure. This enhancement involved leveraging blockchain wallet authentication, thus eliminating common issues related to passwords.
  • Intuitive Navigation. We restructured the platform's navigation for clarity, helping users easily identify the active layer and network. This change enhanced usability, particularly for new users unfamiliar with blockchain technologies.‍
  • Modal Screens & Bridging Process Improvements. We focused on enhancing the bridging user experience through optimized modal screens and upgraded cross-chain bridges. These changes streamlined user workflows, enabling quicker and more efficient data or token exchanges.
Optimizing System Functionality and Accessibility
Product Design for a Blockchain Platform Serving 10 Million Users


We created complete RTL Arabic and English wireframes for each product part and page first to align them with the client’s vision. In this phase, we also had to agree on the same font for each language to simplify further development and give both English- and Arabic-speaking users a convenient user experience.
Wireframe 1Wireframe 2Wireframe 3

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Typography and color palette

Product Design for a Blockchain Platform Serving 10 Million Users

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