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Digitized & Enhanced Mafia App in Gamers’ Pockets

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Our Linkup Studio team eagerly embraced the client's vision and the desires of game enthusiasts to digitize the enduring, often complex live game user experiences. As a full-stack development and design partner, we transformed the traditional board game into the "Party Mafia" mobile app. We accelerated the match's pace, streamlined the rules for clarity, eliminated the need for a human moderator, introduced exciting new roles, and digitally combined the finest elements of one of the greatest board games ever.

The user flow and gaming experience, both convenient and engaging, have been widely celebrated worldwide. On Google Play, the app has surpassed 100,000 downloads, proving to be an ideal choice for games among family, friends, and various groups. The app is now live and continually attracting more users, offering them an incredible group gaming solution right in their pockets. Our client is thrilled with the growing interest in this dynamic and accessible mobile game experience.

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June 2019 - Aug. 2022
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4 members
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Discover how we reinvented a classic board game with 'Party Mafia,' our mobile app that brings fast-paced, streamlined gaming right to gamers' fingertips.
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Discover how we reinvented a classic board game with 'Party Mafia,' our mobile app that brings fast-paced, streamlined gaming right to gamers' fingertips.
Client & Business challenge

Envisioning the Digital Mafia Game Concept

A startup founder from San Jose with a background in game industry consultancy and software engineering recognized a gap in the market based on his extensive experience.

Mafia, renowned as one of the finest crime games, enjoys global popularity with millions of players. However, the founder identified several drawbacks, such as the lengthy duration of the game, a complex voting mechanism, and a set of rules that could be perplexing. For example, a standard game with ten players might take up to two hours. His ambition was to digitalize this exceptional concept, preserving the best elements of the existing rules while infusing the game with a more streamlined, energetic, and fast-paced rhythm to heighten player engagement.

To bring this vision to life in the form of a sophisticated mobile app game, the client turned to our team. Our goal was to craft a user experience that was not only convenient and enjoyable but also seamlessly functional across all iOS and Android devices.

project description

Creating an Engaging Game Experience

Our team at Linkup Studio embarked on a journey to transform the traditional Mafia game into an engaging, fast-paced, and enjoyable digital experience. We tackled several tasks and developed key product components to enhance user enjoyment:

  • Proof of Concept Survey. In collaboration with our client, we conducted thorough research to identify the most suitable and necessary solutions. This involved testing various features, approaches, and even user interfaces to arrive at the best, proven decision. We aimed to ensure that every aspect of the app resonated with our target audience, providing them with an experience that was not only intuitive but also deeply engaging.
  • In-App Purchase. We integrated a seamless in-app purchase system. This feature allows players to enhance their gaming experience by acquiring additional content or features, thereby increasing user engagement and providing a revenue stream for continued development and improvement of the app.
  • Remote Push Notifications. To keep players informed and engaged, we implemented remote push notifications. This feature ensures that users are always up-to-date with the latest game updates, events, and interactions, enhancing user retention and fostering a vibrant gaming community.
  • Audio Player. Recognizing the importance of immersive sound in gaming, our team incorporated an audio player within the app. This feature enriches the gaming experience with captivating sound effects and music, thereby deepening player immersion in the Mafia world.
  • Chat Room.To foster a sense of community and enhance player interaction, we included a chat room feature. This allows players to communicate, strategize, and share experiences within the game, creating a more connected and dynamic gaming environment.
  • Avatar Builder. Understanding the desire for personalization, we developed an avatar builder. This enables players to create and customize their own unique in-game characters, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience and increasing emotional investment in the game.
  • Public and Private Games. We provided options for both public and private games. This flexibility allows users to enjoy the game with a wider public audience or in more intimate settings with friends and family, catering to a variety of social gaming preferences.
  • ‍Facebook, Google, and AppleID Sign-In. For ease of access and to streamline the user experience, we integrated sign-in options with Facebook, Google, and AppleID. This feature simplifies the login process, making it more convenient for users to start playing quickly and securely.
Creating an Engaging Game Experience
Digitized & Enhanced Mafia App in Gamers’ Pockets

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We were lucky to choose Linkup as our first developer. Delivered apps fulfilled the original vision, launched successfully, and organically attracted a dedicated user base. Language and time zones presented small issues, but Linkup's collaborative, committed team dynamic made up the difference. They behaved as a partner rather than a contractor.
Jay Severson
Founder & CEO at Nutty Putty
Digitized & Enhanced Mafia App in Gamers’ Pockets

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