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Toto is a community-powered change platform for social activists that helps make a global impact with minimal effort. With Linkup Studio’s services, Toto now tackles pressing issues in people’s local areas with an easy-to-use AI letter-writing assistant. It helps people create appropriate appeals in minutes and connects with the proper government officials. This helps save time on tedious manual writing, removes the fear of making mistakes, and avoids the waste of time by sending letters to the wrong officials. The platform also allows for tracking the mail history after its creation to make sure voices are heard.

Unlike major social networks, which often feature useless lamentations about issues, we worked hard with the client to focus Toto on practical actions. With our collaboration, it’s now a comprehensive social network and a free community that invites people to join and participate in addressing problems, ensuring they are not alone in their viewpoints. Users discuss issues and create their individual corresponding letters with the intelligent AI-powered writing tool. The system uses gamification to motivate active users.

Our expert team created visually striking mobile-first designs and a friendly brand tone to make Toto especially useful and appealing to young, proactive change-makers. So far, Toto stakeholders are actively attracting users through marketing campaigns.

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May 2023 – June 2023
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3 members
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Discover how Linkup Studio empowered the Toto platform to transform community activism with an AI-driven letter-writing assistant.
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Discover how Linkup Studio empowered the Toto platform to transform community activism with an AI-driven letter-writing assistant.
Client & Business challenge

Making the Canadian Government Hear People and Act

64% of Canadians feel they can't trust their politicians. Many of them face a multitude of social challenges, including high housing costs, steep grocery and gas prices, and difficulties securing a comfortable retirement. The list goes on. Social activists work tirelessly for change but often feel ignored by the government.

It was the reason why the founders came to us to help them create their platform. They wanted us to create product designs that would cater to the specific preferences and needs of the young and active change-makers in Canadian society. They wanted to help them make a tangible change and organize an active, thematically-based community to create a sense of unity among users.

project description

Creating a Platform For Civil Society Unity and Action

Our team's main goal was to streamline activists' efforts to achieve their results in society faster and more conveniently. To accomplish this, we partnered with the customer's team and delivered product designs that made a significant impact. Here are some of the tasks we faced and addressed.

  • AI-Assisted Letter Generation. Making a change in the Canadian government requires writing physical letters with appeals. Our team contributed to Toto's simple letter-writing feature. With our designs, users can now easily operate with the AI assistant, input detailed information, choose their desired outcomes, and send letters to officials in just a few minutes. Activists can track the mail history and expect governmental reactions faster. 
  • Community Building Tools. Linkup Studio experts enhanced community engagement by designing user-friendly flows for creating and joining causes. Users can now easily invite others to support their issues and collaborate on advocacy efforts. The personalized colored feed allows for filtering issues by fields like education, ecology, and healthcare, making it easy to identify topics of interest.
  • Gamification Elements. To make the platform more engaging, we incorporated gamification elements with over 30 custom mascot-related images. These elements reward users for their achievements within the platform and encourage them to create, share, and join social issues more actively.
  • User Management. With a personal cabinet, Toto users can intuitively manage their issues, discussions, letter statuses, achievements, and subscriptions.
  • Mobile-First Design. Our designers adopted a mobile-first design approach with sharp visuals, bold fonts, and a friendly brand tone to cater specifically to young, active change-makers. This ensures that the platform is accessible and appealing to the target audience.
  • Symbolism and Branding. We closely cooperated with the customer's team and together drew inspiration from 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.' Now, Toto stands as a beacon of guidance and symbolizes the journey toward real social and political change.
Creating a Platform For Civil Society Unity and Action
AI-Powered Community Platform for Social Change

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Linkup Studio delivered their work on time and within budget. The client was blown away by the quality and the team's ability to capture the original vision. Furthermore, the team demonstrated the utmost commitment to fulfilling the requirements of the project and offering creative solutions.
Jean-Michel Moreau
CPO at Peerplays
AI-Powered Community Platform for Social Change

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