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5 reasons to choose an outsourcing company to set up a digital project

5 reasons to choose an outsourcing company to set up a digital project
Since the Internet invention communication between people from different parts of the Earth has become as easy as a real-time conversation between two speakers in one room.
Oksana Khrupa
Oksana Khrupa
Chief Sales Officer

The Internet has influenced business sphere as it provided opportunities to make all business processes smooth and well-organized even at a large distance. An important tendency in the evolution of modern business activities is the implementation of new tools in business arrangement, which help to improve the efficiency. Outsourcing occupies a prominent position among those effective tools. And it is worth mentioning that outsourcing is not a trendy word anymore, it has already become a real possibility for various businesses to optimize their processes. Outsourcing also allows opportunities for companies to create a new kind of reality by setting up different digital projects and creating of cutting edge products on the market of IT technologies.

It is true that each type of work arrangement has its advantages and disadvantages. And in this article we will make an effort to highlight the main reasons for switching to outsourcing.

1. Saving costs.

Any business organization aims to get the best result, spending the minimum of financial costs. So if you want to save money while setting up a new digital product, choosing a company like us will be the right step. And here comes the explanation. Work on a particular project sometimes requires a bigger number of members, dealing with it. But this does not mean that you will need so many employees in future. Hiring of new employees means new additional costs - taxes, medical insurance, training, necessary equipment, etc. On the other hand, cooperation with a team of professionals will provide a solution: we will complete your project upon the signed contract and you will pay just for the hours, spent by our team members only on that project. Sounds attractive, right?

2. Scalability.

Working with an outsourcing company is a great option when you need to hire more people to keep up with the project, but you have a limited budget. We take responsibilities for the selection of appropriate specialists and onboard them as quickly as necessary. We also compensate the lack of members, required for the completion tasks by creating the team for the particular project. By the way, the same applies when you achieve certain milestones and need to scale back the size of the team. Thus outsourcing provides additional resources which you need for a fixed period of time and helps to gain staffing flexibility.

3. Saving time.

If you came up with the idea of creating a large-scale project with impressive functionality it will definitely require additional time and human resources. Hiring of new staff will take a lot of time since the employer will have to study lots of CVs, arrange interviews with potential candidates, then probably give them a trial period...That’s a long procedure. Or you can address to a dedicated team, like LinkUp Studio and get creative professionals, who are ready for challenges and are able to start doing the project right away. Saving time applies also to the work process, as new projects can be started almost immediately and you don’t need to onboard the team. In addition, you can be sure that cooperation with a dedicated team will guarantee faster delivery of the product to the market.

4. Access to skilled resources and greater expertise.

A company which works with a variety of projects will definitely require a “branching network” of diverse specialists. Unless your company has a large IT department or an unlimited budget to hire a wide range of IT professionals, most probably you won’t be able to cover all your specific needs with dedicated experts.

So working with a team like us will allow you to get a finished product, developed by the team of professionals consisting of business analysts, UX/UI designers, graphic designers and even SEO manager.

Outsourcing will afford you the opportunity to benefit from the perspective of an outsider, who also happens to be an expert.

5. Focus on core activities.

Outsourcing is a perfect choice if your main business direction is concentrated in a different field. Many businesses usually outsource their non-core activities like blogging, data entry, social media posting and get more freedom to concentrate the skills on strengthening and improving the core processes that help to make your business stick. You can find designing to be an enjoyable process, but a graphics professional has technology and training to really make your brand stand out. The same is with web development. Many tools on the market can help you to put up a quick and functional website, but a professional developer can not only create an eye-catching and attractive site, but also make sure it functions on all browsers and is easy for you to update with advancing content, rather than struggle with unfamiliar technologies. To put it simple, outsourcing can allow you to refocus your in-house resources on the activities that make you profitable without sacrificing quality or service.

So if you want to be faster in getting your ideas converted into products and better in delivering the value-added proposition, it’s time to start turning your business into what you want it to be today. By outsourcing, you will be making a right choice, which will bring you most productive company that you deserve.

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Oksana Khrupa
Oksana Khrupa
Chief Sales Officer
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