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Wholesum Food Calculator

Let’s imagine that you need to plan food for a big group. Several days of meals, different dietary restrictions, allergies and appetite sizes… You need to do planning, shopping and preparing the right meals and ingredients in the right quantities. How you usually do it? Take a piece of paper and calculate your needs in your head or using a calculator, and… oops, you forgot those 3 people who are vegetarian… then you have to do everything again. With Wholesum Food Calculator you can save your time, money and food waste by assisting with details behind meal planning for large groups. You can build out your favorite existing recipes or import them from online Wholesum Cookbook. Export recipes and shopping lists with accurate ingredient amounts. Track inventories and costs and easily plan around dietary restrictions, allergies and appetite sizes. This service has a two week free trial period and payment period based on the Stripe payment system. You can get your lists online or print PDF files. Service is responsive and adaptable for tablets and smartphones. Start enjoying your meal planning with the Wholesum Food Calculator.

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Easy communication with influencers in a new enjoyable format

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The App Builder website allows our clients to easily customize this sophisticated app for an affordable price. App features include custom branding, stop images, audio, GPS maps, custom image maps, website and video links and more.

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Party Mafia

Party Mafia is a fun party game played on your phone with other players in the same room. The goal is to provide a fun alternative to the popular party game of Mafia. The game can be played with 5 to 20 players. One player will host the game while other players join the game via a game code. Roles are randomized and the app provides a way for users to be assigned roles, and controls the flow of the game replacing the need for a moderator.

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Neatly is a web application that allows users to organize the files effectively, efficiently and accurately for their goals and the way they want. It keeps the mess away and stores the files in a properly arranged manner.

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An innovative platform for the brokerage of serviced apartments in Switzerland

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They were committed to our success and always did whatever was necessary to help us meet our business goals.

Founder, Yvonne Jouffrault


Winfluencers is a tool for promotion products throught the Pinterest. The website visitors are free to sing up as a Brand user or an Influencer. For Brand users Winfluencers suggests making a payment for promotion of a specific product or content. After it has been made, the system creates a unique Pin. Picture has direct transition on a website\catalogue\platform etc. For Influencers of a there is an option of sharing the Pin mentioned above. Every picture has its own rate. And after publication, the payment for every click starts to accrue. The more subscribers go to the brands` website, the bigger final payment will be.

Performance marketing
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The series of mobile applications for travelers (TourBuddy, Washington D. C., Dayton Children's Hospital) - an effective solution for Cities, Resorts and Cultural destinations. Sightseeing tours with TourBuddy default guide that picks up audio files about different places based on the location of the user. Functions of Searching, Sorting and Favoriting your points of interest are available to make the process more user-friendly. One of the most comfortable app parts is integrated Interactive GPS-Maps with the ability to manage all necessary information on one screen. Make your travel well-organized and full of interesting places and tours with the app!

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