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Linkup’s projects rise to the top of three Behance categories

Linkup's projects rise to the top of three Behance categories
Two of our projects are currently in the spotlight of one of the most famous portfolios websites
Nataliya Sambir
Nataliya Sambir
Chief Design Officer

When professionalism and work passion are both together, the result can only be an imbatible product that will call attention.

That is why our team is proud to announce that two of our projects have risen up to the top positions of three different categories on Behance, as some of the highlighted works exhibited on the website.

Behance is a popular online network for projects and portfolio’s promotions offered by Adobe, in which quality and creativity play big parts when getting the products to be noticed.

The projects

Our projects submitted to the website were two UI/UX concepts for different platforms, both which got the attention of the public on the website.

Linkup Studio designed the concept for an innovative real estate platform thought to simplify the home hunting experience. It offers easy all listed properties and complete information about the homes that users will be looking for, all with a clean and modern aesthetic.

The creativity behind the UI/UX concept for a new music platform brought another high position for our company on the website. The idea is to create a unique looking place where music aspirants and lovers can share talents and interests altogether.

These two concepts reached the top of the Interaction Design (in 2nd and 3rd place), UI/UX (in 3rd and 4th place), and Web Design (in 4th and 5th place) categories in terms of views, comments and tags on the projects, all thanks to the people who believe in us.

We are immensely happy to see our work being recognized and will continue to share new ideas and projects with the world. After all, we are always dreaming big for the best results!

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Nataliya Sambir
Nataliya Sambir
Chief Design Officer
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