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Linkup Studio wins Red Dot Award 

We have received international recognition winning Red Dot Award-2022 in the category “Design Concept” with our design for CashflowApp

Linkup Studio wins Red Dot Award 

An award, previously won by such renowned enterprises as Apple and Google, has acclaimed our effort in creating UI/UX design for CashflowApp - a DeFi system enabling passive revenue for cryptocurrency investors. Our team has succeeded in creating a straightforward, innovative, and user-friendly design. It is both accessible to novice investors and provides great functionality for seasoned ones.

This is our first attempt to apply for Red Dot. And it is very valuable for us to receive the award right away. This spring turned out to be very difficult for the team. However, when you have to create mood boards sitting in the basement hiding from missiles and accompanied by air raid sirens, you understand that nothing is impossible.

For us, winning such a big contest as The Red Dot Award is like getting a green light, a sign that we are headed in the right way. It is a chance for us to advance, promote our mindset, and evolve as a business.

Linkup’s CDO Nataliia Sambir


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