Software Development Partner: 10 Considerations Before Hiring

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Linkup Studio's CEO, Andriy Sambir, and Chief Sales Officer, Oksana Khrupa, shared some prominent insights for choosing the right software development partner based on ten years of working in the IT outsourcing industry with various companies across the globe.

Initial Contact and Lead Scoring

Your first communication is crucial. When you reach out, provide substantial information about your project - the type, industry, problems it solves, and any prepared materials like wireframes or concept documents. This helps the company evaluate you as a significant client, as most reputable development companies have a lead scoring system to prioritize inquiries for further software partnerships.

Development Philosophy and Approach

Understanding a company's development philosophy is essential. For instance, some may focus only on coding excellence, while others, like our Linkup Studio, prioritize a product-oriented approach, emphasizing launching successful products over just coding. This philosophy affects how your software development partner handles your project and aligns with your expectations.

Understanding Development Processes

Inquire about their development process, whether it's Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, etc. Know that modern companies often use a hybrid approach, blending different methodologies to suit specific project needs. Ask about the results you can expect at each stage and how these align with your project goals.

Assessment of Recent Process Changes

Check if the company has made any recent changes to their software partnership processes. This is a sign of adaptability and staying relevant. For example, at Linkup Studio, we recently introduced a re-estimation stage after wireframing to enhance accuracy and transparency.

Investment in Communication Skills

Beyond just language proficiency of your software development partners, it's vital to know how a company fosters effective communication among its engineers and staff. For instance, are there English courses or communication training programs in place? Good communication is about clarity and understanding, not just language skills.

Use of Collaboration Tools

Ask about the collaboration tools your software development partners use (like Slack, Jira, Asana) and how they use them. It's not just about the tools but their approach to utilizing these tools effectively for project management and communication in your software partnership.

Tracking Progress and Weekly Updates

In case you’re looking for a software development partner, it is vital to understand their process for providing progress updates. Regular updates, like weekly demos, are crucial for feedback and course corrections. It's a chance to align on the project's direction and address any issues promptly.

Response to Challenges and Setbacks

Inquire the offshore software development partner you’re going to work with about their approach to handling challenges and setbacks. A reliable partner should be transparent about issues and proactive in offering solutions. Check their protocol for emergencies and their process for informing and involving you in such situations.

Avoiding 'Yes Sayers' and Seeking Clarification

Be wary of partners who agree to everything without offering detailed explanations or alternatives. A good and trusted software development partner will challenge your ideas constructively and offer insights and options that add value to your project.

Project Start Timelines and Team Availability

Clarify when they can start working on your project. Immediate availability might be a red flag, as quality teams are often busy and require time to assemble the right team for your project.

Additional Services and Comprehensive Solutions

Ask about additional services they offer, like business analysis, product design, DevOps, etc. For instance, at Linkup Studio, your potential software development partner in Ukraine, we can provide a comprehensive solution across the product development lifecycle that is more efficient and cost-effective.

Business Focus and Aligning with Your Goals

Ensure your software development partners think about your business and align with your goals. Their responses should reflect a concern for your business success, not just technical execution.

Concluding Thoughts

Each of these points requires a detailed exploration during your initial meetings with potential software development partners. It's crucial to not only listen to their direct answers but also to understand the implications and depth of their responses. Your goal is to find a partner whose capabilities, philosophy, and approach align with your project needs and business objectives.

About Linkup Studio 

Linkup Studio, a distinguished software development and design company in Lviv, excels in delivering bespoke, market-driven software solutions. With over 10 years of experience and a focus on adapting to market needs, we have successfully partnered with over 150 clients, including high-profile names like Porsche, Bosch, Impactive, and others. Our expertise spans a range of technologies, notably AI, ensuring versatile and innovative solutions.

Renowned for our impactful results, our Linkup Studio team boasts impressive accolades such as Red Dot and UX Design Awards, along with high review scores of 4.9 on Clutch and 5 stars on Goodfirms. Our team’s approach is centered on aligning with each client's unique objectives, ensuring tailored and effective outcomes.