4 Reasons to design and develop your app at the same software house

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In the software development world, not only developers play important roles. Without clever and attractive design, people will simply not know how good the product is. Design is what gives unique user experience, holds user attention and translates the philosophy and objective of the business.

It is not as a simple task as it may seem from the first glance. But it’s less difficult and more effective if your design and development teams work within one company. And here we’ll explain why.

Designers aren’t just people who make things beautiful. They are those who make things useful. And they are the key players in the entire customer’s lifecycle. Having them in the same team where developers work saves product owners their time, money and efforts. Let’s talk about the main benefits.

Saving time on the onboarding process

The introduction of your project to the new team is a very time-consuming process. This is the stage where you explain the goals and objectives of your product, and the team members have to dive into product requirements and business details.

This stage is extremely important: the better the team will understand your vision, the better results you will get. And it’s not one-day work. Sometimes it can take weeks or even months of constant communication and work until the team will fully understand your vision and your product.

But if you have a team in one company, you can avoid all these costs. When designers and business analysts work closely together on the design stage, they can easily transfer the project to development and explain all of its details, functionality and other nuances.

Saving developers’ time

Not all the designers have a technical background. Sometimes they can create things that will be very hard to implement, due to technical limitations or high development cost. That’s why having a developer in consultation during the design stage is a very big plus. LinkUp Studio’s designers know HTML, CSS and other frontend nuances as well as they understand the processes on the backend part.

In general, designers who constantly work with developers in one team are more technical, and they know the specifics of the development process. They work in a synergy with developers and make their lives easier by creating design solutions, such as what we call the UI kits and the style guides, besides cleaning up all layers and styles that will be used and converting animation to JSON format.

There are many specific technical actions and solutions these professionals choose to do that help to speed up the development process up to 20%.

Sharing the responsibilities

When you have separate people, they work within their level of responsibility. An isolated designer wants to make a beautiful design. If this person is really responsible, he or she may create some additional material to pass back to the developers, but that’s it. In case you work with two different teams, you may lose the quality of the design at this stage, as (let’s be honest) developers are not always accurate enough in design implementation.

But if you have one team within one organization, they are responsible for the overall results, so you’ll get kind of the service you don't even pay for additionally, but which a company just needs to control in order to maintain their reputation on a good level.

Speeding up the process

Today everyone wants to deliver the product to market as fast as possible, as cheap as possible, and with a high level of quality. If you have teams in different companies it becomes harder, as you need to look for some methodologies of synchronization of these teams, especially when you don’t know their levels of experience and styles of project management.

But when you have both teams sitting in the same office, you can be sure they know how they work, so the overall planning and development go much faster.

Moreover, when there’s a need to change something, both teams will agree on how to do it the best way. Plus, you won’t need to wait for your designer to be free again, if he or she started a new project already.

In general, having designers and developers within one company is a big opportunity for you as a product owner, because you get a much more flexible and agile team, which can speed up your product delivery to the market and are very agile in implementing your product, according to your budget and timeline.

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