How to build your own Saas product from scratch in just 8 steps

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In this episode, Andriy Sambir, CEO of Linkup Studio, offers a profound insight into the dynamic realm of SaaS (Software as a Service). Tracing its historical context and evolution, Andriy crafts a roadmap tailored for both newcomers and seasoned entrepreneurs navigating the SaaS domain.

The video provides a comprehensive overview, beginning with the essentials of a SaaS application and delving into successful SaaS product models like CRM and ERP. Highlighting their core advantages for end-users, Andriy emphasizes the pivotal role of Software as a Service in modern business strategies.

Concluding with practical guidance, Andriy outlines the journey of building a SaaS product, from conceptualizing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to its successful marketing. His expert insights, enriched with real-world examples, make this episode a must-watch for anyone aiming to grasp the SaaS landscape.

In the Episode, Andriy Talked about

Introduction to SaaS:

Examples of SaaS:

Benefits of SaaS for End-Users:

Why SaaS is Beneficial for Business Owners:

Steps to Start Building a SaaS Product:

Marketing and Promoting SaaS Products:


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