The Crucial Role of Product Discovery in Software Development

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In the realm of software development, the discovery product phase is a pivotal step, often surrounded by queries and misconceptions. This podcast delves into the intricacies of the product discovery process, offering clarity and insights from Ira Liubinets, the Chief Product Management Officer at Linkup Studio. With eight years of experience in business analysis and auditing of diverse software projects, Ira brings a wealth of knowledge to this discussion of the discovery cycle.

What is product discovery in software development?

“To make a discovery of the product is the initial stage in software development, focusing on translating a project's vision into technical realization. It involves requirement elicitation, analysis, research, prototyping, and understanding market competitors and target audiences. This phase aims to design a solution based on these findings and create a detailed implementation plan.”

Why is the product discovery process necessary for software development?

“It's essential for articulating and validating the business needs and goals. It helps to test ideas, make product-related decisions based on facts rather than assumptions, reduce uncertainties, and mitigate risks. This phase is crucial for defining the architecture and technology stack, prioritizing the scope, and ultimately saving time and money for clients.”

Is the discovery planning phase mandatory for all software projects?

“Almost always, yes. Just like you wouldn't build a house without a plan, you shouldn't develop software without this phase. It's especially crucial for startups, complex, long-term projects, and proving concepts. For existing systems needing updates, it helps understand the current state and decide whether to improve or rebuild from scratch. There should also be a well-established product discovery framework.” 

What about projects that aren't starting from scratch? Does the discovery product phase still apply?

“Yes, it's even more crucial here. For existing systems, it's essential to understand what we're dealing with, the problems to resolve, and any pitfalls. This often requires in-depth technical investigation to make informed decisions about technology and strategy."

How does the discovery process impact the overall project budget and timeline?

How do the discovery stages impact the overall project budget and timeline? It's about making informed decisions to prevent costly and time-consuming changes later. The discovery and framing phase of the product might seem like an additional expense initially, but it ultimately leads to more efficient and cost-effective development.”

Who is involved in the product management discovery process, and what are their roles?

“Typically, a discovery team includes a business analyst, UX designer, and tech architect. The business analyst coordinates the process, uses proven product discovery frameworks, and focuses on requirements and solution validation. Designers handle the design aspects, while tech architects take care of the technical architecture and technology stack decisions.”

Can the discovery phase be a standalone service?

“Yes, especially for concept validation or feasibility checks. It's useful when clients need to understand the viability, cost, and timeline of a project, often for investment negotiations. However, discovery phase product management is generally more effective when followed by the development phase.”


The podcast with Ira Liubinets from Linkup Studio sheds light on the critical importance of product discovery in software development. It highlights how this phase lays the groundwork for successful project execution, mitigating risks and aligning expectations. The insights shared by Ira are invaluable for anyone involved in software development, from startups to established businesses, underscoring the phase's significance in ensuring project success.Expert guidance from Linkup Studio

Expert guidance from Linkup Studio

At Linkup Studio, we understand the intricacies of product discovery and its impact on software development. Our approach is tailored to each project's unique requirements, ensuring that the discovery phase, along with reliable discovery process product management, sets a strong foundation for successful development. Whether you're starting a new project or upgrading an existing system, our team's expertise and solution discovery ensure that your software development journey is well-planned, efficient, and aligned with your business goals.

In our conversation we have raised some crucial issues about the discovery phase. What is the discovery phase and what is it for? What values does it bring, what types of discovery exist, does every project need discovery?What concerns people may have regarding the discovery phase? Our guest, Chief Officer of Business Analysis Department at Linkup, Ira Skorokhoda, will help us to figure out all the tiny details of the discovery phase. She has more than 10 years of experience in business analysis and auditing of software projects.