Product Launches Insights: 7 Lessons from 100 Cases

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In an insightful dialogue, Andriy Sambir, CEO of Linkup Studio, along with Oksana Khrupa, Chief Sales Officer, explored the complex world of product launches. With a track record of successfully launching over 100 digital products, they shared detailed insights and experiences crucial for anyone venturing into product development and a successful product launch. Here's an expanded exploration of the key lessons they've learned.

Lesson 1: Valuing Ideas but Acknowledging Boundaries in Launching a Product

We had a project that initially seemed inconspicuous – a GPS-based chat feature. Initially missed, this feature later emerged as a game-changer. Its evolution from an obscure idea to a pivotal component taught us that the true potential of an idea in launching of products often lies beneath the surface. It's about exploring beyond the evident and discovering potential in the most unexpected places. For us, it has become a crucial element in launching new products.

Lesson 2: Identifying and Fortifying Weaknesses in Launching of Products

Oksana recalled an instance with a real estate startup that unfortunately overlooked key legal implications. “This oversight led to a significant pivot in their strategy. The legal complexities involved in real estate and the implications of user reviews, especially concerning tenants, presented unforeseen challenges. This experience highlighted the importance of diligent research and contingency planning in new product launches, reminding us that a thorough understanding of the industry's legal landscape is critical in launching a new product.

Lesson 3: Starting with a Compact Scope and Distinct Features for a Successful Product Launch

We developed an innovative chat feature utilizing the phone's camera. Initially, its utility wasn't fully grasped, but it later proved essential for user safety. This breakthrough highlighted the significance of focusing on distinct, impactful features in launching a product. The feature integrated a live camera feed as a chat background, enhancing user safety by allowing them to see their surroundings while chatting. This unique approach underscores the importance of innovation in new products launches.

Lesson 4: Quality Takes Precedence Over Speed for a New Product Launch

In our journey, we've learned that quality is crucial in the launching of a new product. A meticulously crafted product, even with a longer development timeline, can significantly outperform a rushed product. This approach has proven essential in creating enduring and successful product launches.

Lesson 5: Treating Product Development as a Sustained Effort

We emphasized viewing product development as a marathon, not a sprint. Our approach highlighted the need for continuous improvement and resilience, crucial for products for product launch. This long-term perspective ensures products not only make a significant initial impact but also continue to evolve and stay relevant.

Lesson 6: Prioritizing the Product in Every Post-Launch Phase

After the new product launching, the focus should remain intensely on the product. We've evolved our products based on user feedback and market trends, exemplifying the need for adaptability and responsiveness in maintaining the success of newly launched products. This strategy ensures that products stay relevant and continue to meet user needs effectively.

Lesson 7: Fostering Trust and Open Communication Within Teams While Launching New Product 

Our final lesson underscores the importance of trust and open communication in development teams. An environment of honesty and transparency is vital in aligning with the goals of the launch of a product and fostering effective team collaboration. This approach enhances the efficiency and coherence of the development process.


The Andriy and Oksana dialogue unraveled the intricacies of product development and the strategies behind the successful launch of products. Understanding the depth of an idea, addressing potential weaknesses, focusing on impactful features, prioritizing quality over speed, committing to ongoing development, keeping the product central post-launch, and ensuring open communication are fundamental to the successful launch of a new product. These lessons, cultivated from our experiences at Linkup Studio, are vital for anyone aspiring to make an impact in the dynamic world of product development.

Linkup Studio is Here to Help

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