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Custom Software Development Services

Give your businesses a competitive edge with a secure and stable app that delivers exceptional user experience. We craft custom digital products to meet every business need and solve any business challenge.

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Frontend development

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Backend development

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Custom software audit

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Quality assurance

What we do

Achieve your goals with the best custom software development service

Enterprise Applications Development Service

We deliver on-demand enterprise applications for B2B and B2C companies


Custom Mobile Applications Development Services

Looking for productivity and organization? We offer high quality and safe digital solutions for your business to elevate your team’s workflow.


Custom Web Application Development Services

Creation of responsive, fast, scalable and secure range of web applications from portals to SaaS solutions


Why important

A custom software development service will help you reach your specific business’ goals and needs in a much more fair price compared to competition

Full product ownership

Linkup Studio ensures that your company will receive 100% ownership of the completed work, regardless of the project scope.


Easily modified & enhanced

Implementing new features is going to be much faster and cheaper in the future, making it possible to meet prospective business expectations.


Gain a competitive edge

Cooperation with Linkup Studio will assist your company's software in gaining an advantage over your competitors with an unrivaled bespoke software solution.


Get a unique solution

At Linkup Studio, we go beyond using trivial solutions for our clients' projects. Instead we opt for sophisticated technology tailored to the unique needs and requirements of your product and organization.


Provide sustainable and secure app maintenance

Future-proof your product with ongoing technical support from a team of dedicated IT professionals to troubleshoot problems when they arise.


Excellent user experiences

We create both aesthetically pleasing and efficient apps that will grab user's attention and guarantee a flawless experience.


Our expertise in custom software development services

Our engineers build any type of fitness custom web application: from nutrition to personal workout and activity tracking apps. Main features can be sync with native health services (HealthKit, GoogleFit), geolocation (Google Maps, MapKit), etc.

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End-to end projects delivered

We develop apps for

We can handle any size of challenge. Whether you are a startupper or a large business, we are ready to understand and attend to your needs according to your niche. We build custom software solutions from scratch that can give your business competitive advantage - all while following the planned timeline and budget.

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With meticulous individual approach to each client, we create realistic and reliable forecasts and schedules to deliver best software development services.

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Small & Medium Businesses

High-quality custom software development services with reasonable value for money.

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We care about the quality of our work, so you will be aware of the status of your project at any time. Transparency is one of the main priorities for us.

Frequently asked questions

Outsourcing custom software development has many benefits for different types of businesses in various industries: 

  • Owning your software system allows you to improve overall efficiency by streamlining resources and processes. With this automation, you can focus more on your core business goals, operations, and management and focus less on things that can be simplified with software. 
  • One of the most significant advantages of custom digital products is that you can easily scale your application, expand functionality, or implement new changes if your business needs them at a lower cost. Off-the-shelf tools have limited product development options because they mostly use off-the-shelf templates. Therefore, implementing new features can be too expensive. 
  • With you create a custom system you immediately get software that meets your current requirements and the specifics of your processes. You can also get rid of boring paperwork, and in addition, reduce the factor of human errors. 
  • When creating a custom system, you immediately get software that meets your current requirements and the specifics of your processes. You can also get rid of tedious paperwork and, in addition, reduce the factor of human errors. 
  • By choosing custom software programming services, you also simplify the deployment process. Another plus is that you or your employees do not need special qualifications to use the new software, as the system is intuitive and easy to use. 

Your business needs custom development if you frequently encounter the following tasks or problems: 

  • Login and connection data.
  • You use many platforms and applications and must enter the same data repeatedly. It is a sign that a unified solution will be helpful to you.  
  • Interacting with сustomers.
  • Responding to customer inquiries takes a long time, human errors sometimes happen, and customers may complain that you forgot about them. Our experienced software developers can build an automated system with carefully planned notifications and user interaction points. 
  • Communicating with customers.
  • You want to communicate with your customers, set up notifications, stay "in touch" with them, and more.
  • Automation and analytics. You probably have a lot of business processes that you can automate and save a lot of time to perform other tasks and improve business efficiency. 

Also, custom software allows you to get specific data about your customers, analyze user behavior and collect many other metrics that can impact product improvement.  

We can't tell you the custom software development cost, as it depends on many factors. Linkup Studio can tell you the approximate project cost after a sale call. However, it is better to keep in mind that we will be able to name the exact price after the evaluation work with an agreed list of tasks, technologies, specialists, and all other necessary resources. 

Here are some of the factors that affect the final cost of custom development: 

  • The type of software you are going to create
  • What platforms will your software support (mobile, web platforms, desktop)
  • The number of features and their complexity
  • The level of uniqueness and complexity of the software design 
  • The difficulty of integration with other systems 
  • Level of performance, security, scalability, and many other factors.

Reliable custom software engineering is a time-consuming process.
Here at Linkup Studio, we are always honest with our clients, don't try to push and sell something cheap, and create a quick low-quality product with bugs. That's not our approach. 
Therefore, there are stages in the life cycle of  custom software development

  • Discovery 
  • Design
  • Development 
  • Testing
  • Maintaining

The timing of each stage can vary because every client has a different request for the desired product. Someone wants to improve existing products through optimization, and someone wants a partner for complex software development with many options and features.

These two types of clients have a more or less similar workflow, but the time spent will be drastically different.  

Our team has extensive experience in custom software development, so if you are perplexed by the cost or time required to build your product, Linkup is ready to help. 

We have an experienced team of true experts in developing custom software. Here are some numbers that speak louder than words. Linkup has: 

85+ Professional custom software developers in the team
140+ Developed projects 
42+ Reviews on Clutch.co
4+ Years in a row when we are awarded top developer in Ukraine

We've already created the following products: marketplaces, management systems, e-commerce, social networks, lifestyle apps, gaming apps, and more.  

We have worked in the following industries: media and entertainment, consumer services, financial services, real estate, government, and public services, education, health care, and others. 

Our team also worked with clients from the United States, Europe, Israel, Canada, Australia, and other countries. 

Linkup Studio's job is to create a comfortable collaboration and achieve results. In other words, we first agree with you on our collaboration process, considering your level of involvement and other important factors. Following this, we build a working scenario of cooperation. 

In our experience, we see that the Agile system works quite effectively. We see real daily progress when we move with you from week to week, from sprint to sprint, and relate current priorities. That's why we recommend it. 

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