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Digital product design is more than visual looks, more than just animations - it is about the essence of your product

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Product discovery
UX & UI design
UX audit

Boost business growth with exceptional digital
product design

To find success with consumers your product has to both have a pleasant visual design and meet the users' needs and demands. With the right design tools, methodologies based on design thinking, and a human-centered approach, you can provide your users with the ultimate user experience.


design related first impressions


increased ROI


lower development costs


lower support costs

What we do

From gathering requirements to pixel perfect vision of your product

Product Discovery

Take advantage of cooperation with the professional design team. Experience creative approaches and vision that will connect users and market to your individual business perspective and get a better understanding of the desired end product value.

UX & UI Design

Transform your business needs into robust solutions and design flawless user interfaces that will help achieve your business goals.


Whether you need to refresh or update an existing solution or create additional features , we will assist you in boosting engagement and retention.

UX Audit

Are you facing the issue of inefficient metrics? We'll help you find out the reasons and most importantly – will assist in fixing those issues. We will study and analyze the audit findings and provide suggestions on how to boost your product’s usability.

Our expertise in digital product design services

Users are used to outstanding user experiences on B2C apps. Business app design must be as fast and intuitive as their off-hours apps. Our team is able to leverage hardware device features, including geolocation, video, audio, ink, and scanner.

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Еnd-to end projects delivered

Our Process

A product vision requires an end-to-end partner that can help imagine, make and scale it. At Linkup Studio, a discovery session is the first stage in digital product development. It helps elicit, analyze, and prioritize the project requirements. We go through all aspects of project planning: from time and cost estimation to scope definition.

Project Initiation

Project onboarding and stakeholder engagement

Business analysis

Product scoping and requirements elicitation

Customer journey mapping

Identify the ways to provide your customers with the best experience

Technical analysis

Translates product concept into most relevant technical realisation

Wireframing and information architecture

Transform requirements into visual skeleton of the product

Sketch of style option

Determine the right style direction

UI design and development handover

Transition into implementation stage

See what our partners have to say about LinkUp Studio's work

They actually care about what they’re building. Unlike other companies I’ve worked with, they think about the problem and focus on understanding the issue before trying to resolve it.

Paul Johnson

Founder and CEO

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A proven track record

More than just professionalism - we create a close partnership with our clients. We share your goals, strive to grasp your vision of the product, and take it to the next level. We're not some distant outsourcing agency - we are your partners, allies, and responsible co-authors of your product.

Case Studies

Build a competitive advantage with Linkup Studio’s digital product design services



Snagshout is a social deals website that provides a unique shopping experience to consumers by offering deep discounts on a wide range of retail products for purchase, use and review. It serves as a product discovery platform for shoppers where they can receive deep discounts on items in exchange for writing an honest review of the item.

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44 month


Hospitality & Travel


STQRY (formerly OnCell) is a storytelling platform that helps visitors explore further, engage deeper, and discover more. Users can choose from a range of amazing features to create location-based tours, virtual tours, mobile, and web apps, audio guides, games, and online collections.

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34 month

New Zealand

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How can we help?

We'd love to hear what you are working on. Drop us a note here and we'll get back to you in 24 hours, or you can chat with us live using the bubble at the bottom right of your screen.

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