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Create eye-catching, efficient and secure web application according to your unique needs.

Frontend development

Frontend development

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Backend development

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Web application audit

Quality assurance

Quality assurance

What we do

We understand our partners’ needs and we help them get to the top. We know what is necessary to stand out and make the difference that will be remembered. All that aligned with our self-starters and experienced team is the key to deliver the best software solutions and achieve success.

Saas applications

We help you build SaaS apps with both the efficiency and the aesthetics that will captivate users and sky-rocket your business.


Enterprise applications

Looking for productivity and organization? We offer high quality and safe digital solutions for your business to elevate your team’s workflow.


Progressive web apps

Get the most modern and practical digital solution with our progressive web app services. With a well crafted progressive application, you can reach more efficient, accessible and agile results for your customers and join the future of the app world.


Our expertise in web development services

When building a healthcare app, we implement payment operations (PayPal, Stripe), mapping (Google Maps, MapKit), etc. Your product gets validation of a user’s identity, data privacy (e.g., GDPR in EU), and transactions (PCI DSS).

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End-to end projects delivered

We develop apps for

We can handle any size of challenge. Whether you are a startupper or a large business, we are ready to understand and attend to your needs according to your niche. We build web software from scratch that can boost your business - all while following the planned timeline and budget.

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Prudent approach to web development services. We do our best to provide you with plans and projections you can actually rely on.

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Small & Medium Businesses

Web-supported solutions that allow you to digitize your business and increase your business KPIs.

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We care about the quality of our work, so you will be aware of the status of your project at any time. Transparency is one of the main priorities for us.

Frequently asked questions

Since Linkup Studio provides highly professional web development services to every client, we adhere to the following cooperation scheme in our projects. 

First, we study the area of business: the state of the market, the customers who will eventually use the platform, their behavior, and their pain points. Then we research the competitors and the area in which the product will be used. 

Second, our business analyst clarifies and agrees with you on every feature and technology we will use and creates a precise plan for developing the software or website components. 

UX / UI design
We create the design architecture and interface when all the preliminary work is done. The scope of work at this stage: mapping the user journey, constructing wireframes, then style guides, layouts, and clickable prototypes.   

After completing the above tasks, we calculate the budget and plan the development phase. 

At this stage, we implement everything you want in your product. 
We prefer to work in an Agile system, moving by sprints. It is flexible and allows to adjust plans without losing development speed and efficiency. We create the functionality, and QA specialists test it. We also do a sprint code review to double approve the quality of the code.

At the end of each sprint, there are weekly meetings with clients to keep the cooperation up to date on the current work status and understand the plans for the next sprint. 

By the end of the development phase, you get your desired digital product. 

After completing all the planned work, we do not leave our customers and offer free support for 2 months. If there are any problems on the developed platform, we are ready to help fix them. 

Further development 
Our web development agency services include implementing new features that can increase revenue or efficiency or improve on previous solutions. 

The Linkup team has extensive experience in the following web software development services: 

Frontend development 
We provide secure programming of the frontend part of the product. We guarantee that the application will work in any browser. Customers will get the features and systems they will enjoy using. 

Backend development 
We create robust code for each project, ensuring that all application processes run consistently. Linkup backend developers monitor the correct operation of all components on your company's local or cloud server. Our team has all the tools and knowledge to improve the program's overall performance. 

Quality Assurance
A reasonably critical part of Linkup's web development company services is QA and testing. Although our developers do a good job, even C+ and senior specialists sometimes make human mistakes. Considering that a product or website has only one chance to show how things work and leave a pleasant user experience, there shouldn't be any mistakes.

Our QAs do their best to break down the system and help developers fix all the bottlenecks. 

DevOps Services
This service helps to create a seamless project architecture, eliminate flaws in the MVP, and make it more ready for launch. It also includes CI/CD automation to accelerate the product to market. DevOps can optimize budget costs by reviewing the operations performed. 

Linkup provides the following turnkey solutions for our clients: 

SaaS applications 
Get the most out of SaaS products:

  • Obtain regular payments from subscribers.
  • Increase the number of users after a while.
  • Move on to mass sales.

This type of application is also easier to launch, maintain and implement updates. SaaS solutions are easily scalable, flexible, secure, and available for different platforms.     

Enterprise applications 
We build large system platforms for corporate or government use. Typically, they consist of many programs vital to different departments and created to perform various tasks, such as online stores, payment processing, billing systems, ERP, HRM, CRM systems, integration of multiple applications, and much more. All these refer to custom web development services to get the features you really need that will improve your business or government project. 

Progressive web apps 
This application type has many advantages for users:

  • Small memory size
  • Fast loading
  • Excellent performance even with a poor network connection
  • All functions identical to the applications
  • Regular and quick updates 

There are also many advantages for business: 

  • No third parties for uploading the application to external resources to download and use
  • Easy updates 
  • Fast downloads
  • High ROI
  • Cheaper user engagement 

At Linkup, we believe that everyone has a mission. And our mission is to turn your strong business idea into a reality. That's what we're passionate about. 

We have many clients who come to us with previous profound experience in the direction or niche they want to create their startup. Despite having a solid idea, more than half have no technical background. 

We are the right team of IT outsourcers to be your technical partner. We have experience building marketplaces, e-commerce, various management platforms, social media, lifestyle apps, gaming products, and more. 

Please share your idea and overall product vision with us, and we will give you a professional technical and organizational evaluation. 

We can't name the average cost of web development because each client and project is unique, with different capabilities and tasks. We can give you an approximate price after the first call when our consultant talks to the team and describes the idea. However, the final price we will be able to name after an evaluation of the work, which includes the following parameters:

  • Type of platform/application 
  • What hardware will support the product (mobile/web)
  • Features included and their complexity
  • Whether your product is entirely custom-made or has ready-made parts to implement
  • The complexity of integrating other systems 
  • Expectations for level of performance, security, scalability, etc. 

Everyone has a different strategy for finding an IT company partner to create a digital product. Linkup can recommend using specific rating platforms such as Upwork, GoodFirms, and Clutch. 

We especially recommend looking at Clutch because you can easily find a company by a rating based on reviews and view a brief profile of each agency. Another benefit is that you read the fair opinions of those who also wanted to create a web solution and see how well the different companies performed. You can find out the pros and cons at each collaboration stage, the impressions during the work, and the results obtained.    

After choosing a firm based on reviews, it is worth checking whether the company has case studies that suit your industry. Pay attention to the technology stack the company uses, and look at the design they do, ratings, and user reviews on platforms if these products have already been launched. 

Gather all your impressions, and we think you'll already know who to choose.

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