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For over 7 years, Linkup Studio has been a key tech and design ally for STQRY. Our team designed this platform to enhance storytelling for cultural spots and locales. We've crafted a suite of user-friendly digital tools and a system for building apps that enable a diverse range of clients—museums, galleries, libraries, historical sites, towns, hotels, universities, and even forests in the US, Europe, New Zeland, and beyond—to create their own mobile guides and websites with ease. This empowers STQRY's clients to offer richer, more immersive experiences, allowing users to dive deeper and discover more.

STQRY's clients launched over 1,000 mobile apps and websites, including projects for prestigious names like the Walt Disney Family Museum, the Washington State Historical Society, and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Our work with STQRY has led to over 10,000 downloads on Google Play. Moreover, STQRY has grown its network, teaming up with 10 affiliates, including the American Alliance of Museums and the Association of Midwest Museums. STQRY's website garnered 220,000 organic traffic in the last quarter of 2023.

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Explore how Linkup Studio brought history and tours to life with our straightforward app-building tools and how we’re making culture more accessible.
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Explore how Linkup Studio brought history and tours to life with our straightforward app-building tools and how we’re making culture more accessible.
Client & Business challenge

Bridging the Digital Gap in Cultural Tourism

Before STQRY came along, our client noticed that countless destinations like museums, parks, cities, and historic sites needed a better and more modern way to connect with their visitors. The old system was clunky — people relied on official guidebooks with basic tourist paths that were outdated in terms of current digital capabilities, such as AR technology. The founders knew it was time for a big change.

That's when they turned to us at Linkup Studio. They wanted a comprehensive, easy-to-use digital platform — a one-stop solution to cater to STQRY's customer needs. The goal was to craft something that would not only engage and educate but also interact with audiences in a fresh, digital way. To make this happen, they tapped into our pool of skilled software developers, UX/UI designers, and testers to turn this vision into reality and breathe new life into how people experience cultural sites.

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Crafting All Range of STQRY Features

In tackling the challenge of revolutionizing how STQRY clients connect with their audience, we at Linkup Studio carefully crafted a suite of features to elevate the visitor experience:

  • Online App Builder: Understanding the need for simplicity in technology, we created this platform to empower anyone to construct a variety of digital experiences with just basic browser skills — from personal tours to expansive portals. 
  • Custom Mobile and Web Apps: Faced with the challenge of inconsistent internet access at cultural sites, we developed offline-functional apps that provide an uninterrupted visitor experience, accessible in multiple languages and fully equipped for diverse user needs.
  • Advanced Mapping Solutions: To conquer visitor disorientation, we integrated a variety of maps (satellite imagery, detailed street views, and customizable terrain maps) to offer precise navigation, making exploration an enlightening journey.
  • Diverse Tours and Collections: We recognized the value in personalized experiences. This led us to enable the curation of varied tours and collections within the app, allowing for customization based on theme, location, or any other client-specific criteria.
  • Accessibility: Driven by the principle of inclusivity, we implemented features for users with visual or hearing impairments and multilingual support, ensuring that each visitor has a welcoming and enriching experience.
  • Geofencing and iBeacons: To bridge the gap between digital and physical realms, we employed geofencing and iBeacons for immersive, real-time content delivery, providing a context-rich visit.
  • Interactive Elements: With the aim to captivate and educate, we introduced interactive games and quizzes to transform standard visits into engaging adventures.
  • Comprehensive Analytics: To demystify visitor behaviors and preferences, we supplied a detailed analytics tool, empowering clients with data to refine their offerings continuously.
  • Real-time Content Updates: Acknowledging the dynamic nature of cultural sites, we ensured that content could be updated swiftly, keeping information current and relevant.
  • AR and Multimedia Integration: In our pursuit to blend storytelling with technology, we enriched the apps with AR technology and various media formats, crafting an immersive narrative layer.

Each feature devised by Linkup Studio serves a strategic purpose, overcoming common cultural engagement barriers and crafting a versatile digital bridge between STQRY clients and their diverse audiences.

Crafting All Range of STQRY Features
Platform for Crafting Digital Solutions for Story-Rich Destinations

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The work from LinkUp Studio continues to meet expectations and be reliably delivered within timeframes. Though more daily updates from their team could benefit the engagement, their team is proactive in asking key questions and ensuring they’re implementing every solution correctly.
Glen Barnes
Chief Product Officer at STQRY
Platform for Crafting Digital Solutions for Story-Rich Destinations

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