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After 9 months of collaboration with Linkup Studio, the client's agents got about 2-3 hours of time saved daily for booking properties and managing requests, thanks to our customized CRM solution. The new website offers a smoother and more seamless user experience when browsing services. Unlike competitors focusing on a single service, the Nightfall Group takes a comprehensive approach by providing villas, cars, yachts, jets, personal drivers, cooks, masseurs, and more in one place. This platform has already been used by numerous US celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Eminem, UFC stars, models, and others.

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June 2022 – now
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13 members
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Discover how we transformed a complicated and cumbersome management process and created a user-friendly and cohesive website.
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Discover how we transformed a complicated and cumbersome management process and created a user-friendly and cohesive website.
Client & Business challenge

Being the Best Requires Scalability

The client's team approached our company with an established and operational business. While their service provision was functioning well, they needed substantial digital improvements.

Their existing CRM system was quite basic and inadequate for their comprehensive client service requirements. Given the significant number of property listings, technical constraints had to be addressed to manage all processes related to them. The website, built using a popular site builder, did not meet the demands of such a company.

As The Nightfall Group is a large business, they have plans for the years ahead. Once the abovementioned challenges are addressed, the client will need additional product materials to seek funding to grow their business further.

project description

Thinking of Convenience First

While developing the solution for The Nightfall Group, our team encountered the following challenges:

  • Creation of a calendar to streamline processes. We had to design a calendar tailored to the company workers' needs. There had to be an efficient filtering system that sorts through hundreds of listings by type (villas, cars, yachts, etc.), cities, number of guests, dates, and price. This system had to enable agents to quickly recommend the best options for clients who have submitted requests. It was also to eliminate the need for agents to keep track of data through emails or notebooks, providing a more organized and proficient procedure.
  • Scraping of publicly available data from other booking platforms. The client company had its property listed on multiple booking platforms, so we had to set up a data parser to update their CRM calendar with the latest information automatically. It helped to ensure that the same property was not booked twice from different platforms.
  • Integrated mailing from the CRM. Once we integrated the CRM with the website, any leads were automatically added to the CRM list. To make it more convenient for client agents, we needed to provide them with the ability to email clients directly from the product section and suggest relevant listings without manual communication through personal email services.
  • Luxurious design across platforms. To create a memorable user experience for the prestigious users, we had to ensure the design was perfect in each detail. This included using a minimalist approach, combining a black background with colorful accents, and paying close attention to the listing photos and their overall perception. It was also essential to ensure that the CRM was mobile-friendly, making it easy and convenient for users to access the platform on the go.
  • Mobile app design. To enrich the product and provide our clients with more opportunities, we had to propose basic mobile layouts, including new features, and make other product sections based on our experience.
Thinking of Convenience First
Luxury Property and Rentals Company Software

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Typography and color palette

Linkup Studio has completed the deliverables, thoroughly following the agreed timeline and requirements. They've created sleek and visually-appealing designs. Linkup Studio is a communicative team that leads an organized and flawless workflow.
Meri EL
Project Manager at The Nightfall Group
Luxury Property and Rentals Company Software

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