Film & TV Marketplace for Pitching and Funding Projects

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As an experienced tech partner, Linkup partnered with a client and, from scratch, created WeVidIt, a TV and film marketplace connecting TV show creators and filmmakers with investors. 

The platform is now up and running, and big-name producers and directors like Kip Konwiser and Joshua Webber, as well as other users, are already publishing their works. The client is currently attracting Netflix, Universal, Lionsgate, Amazon Studio, and other prominent film production companies to take advantage of the audience big data WeVidIt provides. Product investors have also been highly impressed with the solution provided.

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July 2021 - Jan. 2023
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7 members
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Client & Business challenge

Pioneering a New Path in the Film Industry

Our client, with over a decade of experience managing multibillion-dollar portfolios at a Wall Street hedge fund, decided to leverage his deep expertise in Data Science and investing to innovate in the film industry. He founded WeVidIt, aiming to address a critical gap he identified through his extensive research in filmmaking. Major film companies were struggling to access reliable data on audience reactions, which is essential for predicting a film's success. Moreover, he noticed that many talented authors, directors, and actors with promising ideas remained unnoticed by the public.

Recognizing these challenges, the client envisioned a pitching platform that would not only connect creators and investors but also provide detailed user analytics and project rankings to both companies and regular users. He approached Linkup Studio with this broad product idea. Our task was to design and develop a comprehensive web and mobile UX/UI for the platform, in collaboration with the client's backend team, while ensuring compliance with the strict US government regulations for investment platforms. 

project description

Enhancing User Experience and Engagement on the WeVidIt Platform

Our team at Linkup Studio dedicated itself to transforming the WeVidIt platform into a user-friendly and efficient space for filmmakers and investors:

  • Streamlining Project Uploads. We simplified the project upload process, enabling users to easily describe their projects and attach materials. This approach not only enhances user convenience but also ensures that the platform remains aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.
  • Intuitive Investment Interface. We focused on creating an investment interface reminiscent of the best investment apps. Our solution allows WeVidIt members to seamlessly choose their investment amounts, providing an effortless way to financially back projects they believe in.
  • Enhanced Messaging System. Recognizing the importance of communication, we integrated a comprehensive messaging system. This feature not only allows for direct and group messaging but also includes advanced options like adding media. Our goal was to facilitate better connections and collaborations within the platform.
  • Informative Dashboard Design. Our team developed a dashboard that provides users with crucial viewership data in a simple yet informative layout. This design choice was aimed at making vital information readily accessible, assisting users in making informed decisions. We also collaborated closely with the client's backend team to ensure seamless integration.
  • Educational Section - WeVidIt U. We designed WeVidIt U as an educational tool within the app. This section helps users understand how to effectively use the platform, from setting up profiles to engaging with other members. Our intention was to ensure that all users, regardless of their technical expertise, could fully utilize the platform's features.
Enhancing User Experience and Engagement on the WeVidIt Platform
Film & TV Marketplace for Pitching and Funding Projects


We created complete RTL Arabic and English wireframes for each product part and page first to align them with the client’s vision. In this phase, we also had to agree on the same font for each language to simplify further development and give both English- and Arabic-speaking users a convenient user experience.
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Typography and color palette

Equipped with phenomenal design skills, Linkup Studio has produced a design that's helped the client spark user engagement and raise capital. The team exhibits superb project management skills. Diligent and thorough, they back their skills up with research.
Matt Sherwood
CEO at WeVidit, Inc
Film & TV Marketplace for Pitching and Funding Projects

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