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4 principles which make us feel as an in-house team

Is it possible to be an in-house team, which is not exactly in your house? You might ask this question, and we will make an effort to show how it actually works. 

4 principles which make us feel as an in-house team

If you think of what is outsourcing, the first associative word that immediately comes into your head is “external”, which means that you delegate a certain part of your business processes to the so-called external team. And normally the external team is opposed to an in-house, which refers to the actual staff members, sitting in the customer’s office. This is a quite common understanding and of course it has the right to exist, but in this article we aim to show, that “external team” can be very easily associated with in-house. And this is the idea, on which the philosophy of our company is based.

In spite of the fact that in most cases we communicate with our partners remotely, that does not prevent us from having a full understanding of business processes as well as perfect interaction. In the age of the Internet and digital technologies it is not necessary to be physically present in the office of your customer or partner. The only important thing is that you have to switch on your computer and remain online.

Modern technologies help to invent the illusion of presence at any time in any place. This is a real advantage for us since we can work at a large distance but still perform all tasks perfectly due to well-organized communication with our customers.

We have the mission and principles and they keep us going and reaching the goals.

Being opposed to in-house teams, we would rather prefer to be called a dedicated software team since this term seems to match the purpose we are working for. And some of our company principles illustrate that to the best advantage:

We do not just perform the tasks set by our customer, we create the products, think how to improve them and make them better and more efficient on the market. Our team members feel free to generate ideas for the products, they are not afraid to state their opinions and to make reasonable remarks.

We develop the products. We put not only efforts but also our heart and soul into the products. We always take the place of the users and think how we would apply any of our products, being a user. It definitely feels great to see the result of your work and observe that it is alive and is being used.

The philosophy of our company suggests that the customer is also a part of our team. So we always make sure to provide a high level of communication within the team as well as with the customer. We do our best to understand all features the customer wants us to implement as well as to make the customer fully understand our suggestions.

  1. Contributing to the product.
  2. Taking all we are doing personal
  3. Working in collaboration with the team.
  4. Proactivity

This is what distinguishes us from the others and gives a competitive advantage. It is notable for our customers and they often point this out. Proactivity means telling the customer the truth that his idea is not perfect, but we can suggest a better one. Proactivity often helps us to find solutions to the challenges, when the customer is helpless. Proactivity helps us in the situations, when there are two contrary requirements, but we point this out and find the way to implement business ideas. When we see that there is a better coding, we will never keep silent.

All these principles do not exist on paper, we make sure to follow them in our everyday work. Being concerned with the customers’ pains is one of those features, which help us to be that in-house team, which is not exactly in your house.


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