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Boosting software solutions for your real estate business

Boosting software solutions for your real estate business
There are many types of different software and it is not always easy to decide which one will be the best for your business.
Oleksandr Bachynskyi
Oleksandr Bachynskyi
Chief Technology Officer

There are many types of different software and it is not always easy to decide which one will be the best for your business. But here are some factors that should be taken into account:

  • the size of your business
  • the particular needs of your business
  • the tasks that should be automated

Packaged software, which is available off the shelf does not always offer the functionality, that you need. That is where custom software can really make a difference.

Custom software development has become an ideal solution and a growing business in the real estate industry due to its obvious advantages in this sphere. Addressing to custom software means getting the product, adjusted specifically to your needs. To put it in simple words, you will get the result, based on your expectations and preferences.

E-commerce marketplace

Fast development of the real estate market is very much influenced by the growing demand for various technological solutions to supply the needs of customers, agents and other real estate market players. People no longer use newspapers to search for a home and they want to explore potential homes virtually before the communication with a real estate agent, they want to be informed about the appearance of new property items as soon as possible. That is why creating an e-commerce marketplace is a great option for the customers, who want to boost their business processes. All businesses and customers seek convenience and a reliable place, where they can buy and sell things, and that is what a marketplace can deliver. This online platform allows to buy or sell property from various vendors as well as provides the ability to buy items at reasonable prices. Marketplace aims to automate the interaction between the parties and guarantees the convenience of commercial transactions. Among the key benefits of running your own marketplace we can outline the following:

  • Convenience
  • Fast service
  • Global market coverage
  • Tracking of the result
  • 24/7 transactions
  • Ability to multitask
  • Automation of all processes
  • Better commercial relationship

Marketplace growth and diversity of marketplace kinds allows you to choose the best models for building your own unique solutions. Marketplace platforms can fit in practically any business area and address any need. They can provide a great potential if you seek to promote your services and products through multiple channels.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Any business is always about communication with a customer. So the sphere of customer relationship is the one, where all processes should be perfectly organized. In this respect we propose the implementation of CRM systems, which will help your services to “shift gears”.

The CRM concept provides that all disconnected tools of business operations will be joined in an arranged system. Instead of Excel spreadsheets, messengers, piles of documents and rushing through the offices you will have a single service. It includes programs on customers data collection, contract management, analytics and forecasting. It simplifies the routine, accelerates the process of making correct decisions and eliminates errors. Thus the biggest benefits of CRM can be outlined as follows:

  • improved informational organization;
  • improved customer service
  • automation of daily tasks
  • greater efficiency for multiple teams;
  • improved analytical data and reporting.

Processes automation systems

Real estate business is rapidly developing. It constantly needs organization of various processes like arrangement of multiple projects, tracking different locations, keeping up to date assets and documentation, finding tenants, selling property, etc. For better functioning of the whole system these disconnected processes should be somehow joined together. And in this regard automation and use of technology helps to improve communication and reduce disorders in managing of various real estate activities like:

  • business processes and workflows
  • marketing
  • contracts and documentation
  • business analytics
  • accounting

Renewals of contracts, e-mails, tasks, documents as well as property details, progress of current projects, tracking of property constructions, managing of staff workloads become centralized - the scope of activities is really huge. That is why leading companies are using business process automation to take their organization to the next level

Mobile applications

According to the statistics, the majority of people nowadays spend a lot of time on their smartphones, which means that the development of mobile applications is very much in demand. Moreover, recent research shows that 90% of the users’ mobile time is spent in apps, and only 10% browsing the rest of the internet. In the E-commerce space, the contrast is even more notable: mobile app users spend on average about 200 minutes per month shopping, compared to 11 minutes a month for website users. Mobile apps, mobile games and mobile solutions have recently gained a lot of focus in many industries due to the fast-developing market for mobile devices. It is becoming a standard today to have software solutions supporting mobile devices. Mobile apps help to solve a lot of marketing tasks and have a range of advantages:

1. They are faster and easier to use than mobile websites.

Mobile apps are loading faster than mobile websites, as they save user settings and do not require the download of the whole browser content, their work doesn’t really depend on the speed and quality of the Internet connection.

2. They improve customer loyalty.

Your smartphone is always at hand, the icon on the screen is like a flashy banner: it reminds the user of the possibility to make a purchase or order online. And this can obviously increase the probability of a follow-up usage.

3. They provide a higher level of communication with customers.

Mobile applications allow to influence the users by means of push-notifications with commercial messages and promotional activities. (you just have to activate this function on your gadget.) Competent and prudent distribution of notifications is able to convert users into your customers.

Surely it is up to you to decide which kind of apps: mobile or web will suit you best. The set of functions of your application depends on your particular needs and objectives.

To sum it up, we just want to say, that unique ideas need unique solutions. So we are here to try to fit in your expectations of what is the best boosting partner.

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Oleksandr Bachynskyi
Oleksandr Bachynskyi
Chief Technology Officer
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