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Linkup's Design Approach in 2023

Linkup's Design Approach in 2023
Nataliya Sambir
Nataliya Sambir
Chief Design Officer

In recent years, our design team has been shifting the focus to go beyond creating visual interfaces only. We will continue that strategy in 2023 as well. Our goal is to become a partner for clients, delivering comprehensive product design that meets their objectives. The critical distinction between product design and creating mockups lies in the product design's ability to align with the client's business goals.

In every project, regardless of size, we start by thoroughly researching and understanding user needs, behavior, and preferences. We then define the product's goals and vision, create a product roadmap, and collaborate with business analysis teams, the client's team, and other stakeholders. Finally, we iterate and refine the design solution.

Linkup Studio is dedicated to uncovering and highlighting the unique qualities of our client's products. And the instrument we use for this purpose is an exceptional visual design solution.

Many UI/UX designers take ownership of the product design journey, from concept to launch. However, we create product design, which is an ongoing process that evolves with each release. This approach has allowed us to deliver market-winning solutions and earn prestigious awards like the Red Dot.

Adopting Cutting-edge Technologies

In Linkup Studio, we always stay up-to-date with modern technologies and observe them as cool and progressive instruments to streamline our work, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.

AI generated design system

In 2022, we began incorporating neural networks and AI tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E 2, and Chat GPT into our workflow. These tools aid in the creation of graphics, logos, branding, mood boards, marketing materials, and more. Additionally, they improve desk research, enhance UX writing, and facilitate collaboration with clients from diverse cultures.

We are constantly exploring new ways to leverage these technologies to benefit our clients' projects and add exceptional value to our partnership.

Read a recently published article to learn more about how we incorporate AI tools in our design work.

Prioritizing Our Clients' Resources

At Linkup Studio, we are dedicated to adding value to our clients and their products.

Before we start working on a project, we always delve into their businesses to understand their needs and identify areas for growth.

When clients approach us for a digital product redesign, we have two options: a visual interface refresh or a comprehensive product redesign that involves changes to the architecture, logic, and interface. Each company has unique challenges and solutions, and our top priority is ensuring that our work outcomes align with our clients' available resources for the project. Read the article about Linkup Studio's digital product redesign process.

For example, a CEO of a real estate company approached us, saying his customer journey was not functioning properly and the platform needed a redesign. After conducting a thorough analysis, we discovered that a redesign was unneeded. Instead, it revealed a disconnect between the company's marketing messaging and the platform's value proposition.

Streamlining Work with Proven Processes

In recent years, we have invested significant resources in establishing efficient processes. It ensures seamless work and easy team expansion if project circumstances require that. It also delivers results more quickly and reliably. This furthermore benefits our clients, as there is greater transparency in the process.

We have defined roles and responsibilities for each team member and specialist involved in a project. Everyone knows their objectives and duties at each stage of the cooperation, like research, creation of style options, design iterations, development, support, and more. This makes it easy to substitute team members in unexpected situations and ensures everyone is aware of their role.

design system

Improving Collaboration. We have our “Effective Communication Rules” that guarantee transparent communication and set clear expectations. Regular calls at each stage of collaboration help with planning and agreement-making. Additionally, we conduct external workshops with clients to generate and synthesize valuable ideas, which saves up to 20% of the average research time.

We continuously strive to enhance and evolve our services. A fine example is our design system. Our designers and developers have basic templates and standard patterns, which speed up the project setup process and create a recognizable look and feel for a brand's design elements, leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Design System created by Linkup Studio

Another innovation we've embraced is the use of custom boilerplates. These have been developed based on our decade-long experience working on products across various industries. Using them can save up to 15% of the time that would otherwise be spent on creating basic functionality during the initial design and development phases.

With our cutting-edge process innovations, Linkup Studio is ticking all the boxes, just like a Swiss watch - precise, consistent, and always on time.

At Linkup Studio, we have optimized the product creation process. When wireframes have been created and proven to be well-built after the intermediate testing stages, we commence the development phase while constructing the user interface in parallel. Our team remains available to provide support throughout the entire development process.

The Linkup Team is Studying on the Course

All our designers participate in courses and training programs led by renowned designers and design studios. Collaborative workshops with the business analysis team are also an integral part of current Linkup's education strategy.

The Linkup Team is Studying on the Course

Our company has accumulated a wealth of expertise over the years. It was demonstrated when one of our clients, who has over 80 million users, needed support during the 2022 Black Friday sales event. Our team created designs for all the necessary emails in just one day, leading to a threefold increase in sales. Despite the increased workload, our specialists were able to keep the work environment calm and stress-free.

Guiding Internal Mindset

Our team's success is driven by the principles outlined in the article. It reveals the secrets to achieving a world-class product and making a lasting impact, winning prestigious awards, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Our main rules include the following:

  • A passion for the projects we undertake.
  • A relentless focus on the end product.
  • A strong sense of responsibility.

Additionally, we prioritize maintaining happiness through various means, such as regular exercise, living in an inspiring environment, and caring about our loved ones.

Natalia's Personal Upgrade

This year, I have tried Monk Mode. It is a popular lifestyle tool that enhances life by making small changes in habits. It helps me maintain balance and contribute more effectively to the team and projects at Linkup Studio. Highly recommend everyone give it a try!
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Nataliya Sambir
Nataliya Sambir
Chief Design Officer
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