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In close collaboration with the client, Linkup Studio has designed and developed a groundbreaking property compliance platform that's reshaping New York's real estate market. 

It caters to all company departments and automates existing slow processes in customer relations, financial management, analytics, and others. With our services, the company can now remove violations faster, represent their real estate clients in court more efficiently, and better handle property tax exemptions. This solution is not just about simplifying management tasks; it's about saving managers countless hours and efficiently addressing the needs of thousands of clients.

With our management system, the client’s company has achieved incredible results. Now, they are servicing over 6,000 buildings in New York and monitoring more than a million violations. They’ve already managed over 10,000 cases and helped their clients save 100 million dollars in property taxes.

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March 2019 – Jan. 2023
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized New York's real estate market by creating a property compliance platform that automates processes and saves millions in property taxes.
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Discover how Linkup Studio revolutionized New York's real estate market by creating a property compliance platform that automates processes and saves millions in property taxes.
Client & Business challenge

The Call for Automation and Centralized Detail Management

At some point in the company's development, our client found that their service delivery could improve if they automated all their existing processes. They reported that sometimes their real estate compliance managers failed to bring more value to clients and manage more cases just because of human inability to manage all the paperwork, numerous tiny but important tasks, and deal with each client efficiently and in time while keeping all the records in a paper notebook.

Furthermore, such a “traditional” approach doesn’t allow for flexibility, as case management becomes possible for one manager only, and if the assigned person should be changed, service quality for a particular client would substantially decrease. Therefore, the current state of affairs was not favorable for scalability as well.

That’s where the company turned to Linkup Studio for an efficient solution that would help all the company workers in any department manage their client relationships, violation cases, financial management, and many other real estate compliance tasks in one place.

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Creating a Comprehensive Property Compliance Platform

Our team's primary goal was to streamline real estate compliance management to help our client achieve more efficient and reliable service delivery. Here are some of the tasks we faced and addressed to achieve this.

  • Automated Data Collection. Company managers start with a Lead Module. We introduced an automated data collection process that instantly pulls information from official government sites into the management system. This solution has saved company employees thousands of hours of manual data collection they did before.
  • Color-coded Kanban View. Our team made the color-coded kanban view, which enables easy tracking of potential leads, helps focus on more promising deals, and enhances the platform's intuitive perception.
  • Streamlined Statements of Work. Once a lead is ready to commit, managers create detailed Statements of Work in less than five minutes, thanks to pre-designed templates. The SOW is directly emailed to the client with an integrated online signature and a payment link. These built-in features streamline engagement, improve conversion rates, and reduce the need for costly third-party tools.
  • Centralized Case Management. Each dedicated manager has access to all necessary case documents, tasks, and reminders in one place. A visual progress tracker and detailed case calendar aid in effective management and ensure that nothing is overlooked.
  • Enhanced Client Profiles. Client profiles provide managers with deep data insights that improve the process of case management and help in building robust client relationships.
  • Personalized Calendars. In their daily routine, managers use personal calendars to track their priorities and tasks, leading to more efficient and reliable service for clients.
  • Email Templates for Streamlined Communication. Our team found repeated patterns in managers' communication with clients and decided to streamline the creation of various email types. We developed templates for additional document requests, invoice reminders, and more — all in a unique and professional corporate style.
  • Department-Specific Dashboards. The platform provides unique dashboards for multiple company departments and different management levels. It allows each user to access a relevant overview of ongoing projects, cases, violations, statistics, and other information in an easily understandable visual format. This enables users to evaluate performance and make informed decisions for future management strategies.
Creating a Comprehensive Property Compliance Platform
Full-suite Management Software For Property Compliance in NYC

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They’re very smart and capable in what they do. Linkup Studio has demonstrated an in-depth understanding of the our business requirements. Their competent engineers deliver great code and aren’t afraid to give frank suggestions towards the betterment of the product. They proactively demonstrate their commitment to a long-term relationship.
Jordan Bardach
Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer
Full-suite Management Software For Property Compliance in NYC

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