Cybersecurity Influencer Marketing Platform

Anti-sleaze Marketing for Vendors

Linkup Studio transformed the client's vision into Cyfluencer, a web platform connecting cybersecurity vendors and influencers. Vendors can showcase their ideas and insights through a content library that influencers can promote on LinkedIn or Twitter. Companies acquire new leads, and professionals earn rewards for their recommendations. These features provide a significant advantage for Cyfluencer's clientele in B2B tech digital marketing in cybersecurity.

The solution has occupied an important market niche and attracted a diverse range of 150 industry influencers and 80 vendors worldwide. We're always working to improve the platform by adding new features and improving usability.

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June 2020 – now
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7 members
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Learn about the client's request and the progress of creating a custom content marketplace with the ability to manage, share and track posted publications.
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Learn about the client's request and the progress of creating a custom content marketplace with the ability to manage, share and track posted publications.
Client & Business challenge

The Sharp Need for a Brand New Solution

The cybersecurity industry is plagued with yucky marketing and deceitful tactics from unscrupulous companies that don't deliver services properly. Cyfluencer aims to change that by enabling customers to make informed choices based on trusted recommendations from thought leaders.

The client approached Linkup Studio intending to find a partner to build an innovative platform that bridges the gap between experienced influencers and reputable companies. This platform would provide reliable solutions to consumers. Our team was tasked with designing, developing, and launching a comprehensive platform on a global scale.

project description

Creating Meaningful Product Parts

When building Cyfluencer, we solved some significant challenges to bring the platform to life. Some of these tasks are the following:

  • Developing user flows for influencers and vendors, considering their specific needs and uses for the platform.
  • Designing and implementing a content library, complete with system functionality for uploading various types of content and allowing influencers to select the companies they want to follow and focus on their content offerings.
  • Setting up a notification system to keep users updated about important events. Vendors have a specific budget for a campaign, so we notify them when it is close to spending, so they don't overpay. Admins receive notifications about pausing campaigns and are informed about newly created content items and recently registered referral users.
  • Building custom dashboards for vendors, influencers, and admins, each tailored to their unique needs and providing insight into platform performance.
  • Creating a tracking and payment system to accurately measure campaign results and pay influencers, with detailed reporting for vendors.
  • Ensuring a consistent brand and user experience throughout the platform, including developing a clear architecture, platform logic, color scheme, symbols, and interface design, as well as creating a new logo to boost brand recognition.
Creating Meaningful Product Parts
Cybersecurity Influencer Marketing Platform

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Typography and color palette

They understood the needs of a specific niche of influencer marketing and translated it into the software.
Yoel Israel
CEO & Founder at Cyfluencer
Cybersecurity Influencer Marketing Platform

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