Marketplace App for Luxury Customers

United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Lottery Marketplace

The Linkup team has become a fully committed technology and UX/UI design partner for the client. We have developed a unique blended mobile app from scratch, combining marketplace features and lotteryelements. It enables users to buy luxury goods and participate in prize drawings, enjoying the sense of belonging to an elite club. The solution confidently stands out among niche competitors and complies with Sharia law for its launch in the UAE. –°urrently, new features and product enhancements are under development.

Result delivered:
Lottery Marketplace From Scratch
Total product duration:
Oct. 2020 - March 2021
Involved Team:
9 members
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Learn about client needs, workflow steps, and the solution brought forward by Linkup experts.
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Learn about client needs, workflow steps, and the solution brought forward by Linkup experts.
Client & Business challenge

Conneting Dots Between Sharia Laws and Lotteries

The client approached our team with an idea for a blended app. The challenge was that similar products already existed on the market, and he needed to get an innovative turnkey solution with a visually uniquedesign and advancedfunctionality to win the loyalty and trust of the target audience. Another challenge was that the application had to comply with strict religious regulations in the UAE.

project description

Finding the Design Concept

In the process of creating an application that will achieve all of the above-stated goals, our team carried out the following:

  • Conducting in-depth market research. We studied existing competitors' solutions, investigated state and religious requirements for lottery and marketplace platforms, and built the architecture of the future Kanzy app.¬†
  • When creating the design, we focused on the elite segment of the audience. Also, the product collaborates with reputable brands, so we came up with a stylish and engaging interface only after three iterations of work and additional modifications. Our design was not only clear and attractive, but it also made the complex structure of the app easier to use.¬†
  • Creating a reliable and scalable backend system that would correctly perform all of the actions envisioned for the application. It included all the classic e-commerce features with the addition of lottery functions.¬†
  • An unexpected business idea change. When the application was already in development and nearly fully tested, the client turned the vector and decided to add marketplace features. We faced the arduous task of keeping the completed solutions as much as possible and adding extra features so that everything would run flawlessly and smoothly.¬†
  • Implementing the QR code scanning function. When we executed all the necessary parts, the client asked to add QR scanning to help customers get extra bonuses from buying Kanzy partners' goods by scanning the printed code. We appropriately added the feature to the overall interface.
Finding the Design Concept
Marketplace App for Luxury Customers

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Typography and color palette

Marketplace App for Luxury Customers

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