The Simplest Digital Asset Manager for Google Drive

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In 11 months, the Linkup Studio team has successfully delivered the Neatly platform, revolutionizing the way companies find and manage their Google Drive assets by eliminating chaos and clutter. What sets Neatly apart from its competitors is its intuitive UX/UI design, which simplifies the file organization and management process. In addition to Google Drive's features, in Neatly, we introduced easily navigable categories for quick file finding, alongside the ability to add descriptions to files, thereby eliminating the need to guess their content. Additionally, editors can be assigned to keep file categories consistently updated.

These innovative features have resulted in hundreds of businesses signing up for Neatly, contributing to its growing popularity and highlighting its affordability. Furthermore, Neatly has earned a 71% SW score on, based on independent user reviews. The client is currently actively marketing the platform while continuing its development to add more user value.

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Oct. 2019 - Oct. 2020
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5 members
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Discover how we created the solution to asset management that's helping businesses reach new organization and management heights.
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Discover how we created the solution to asset management that's helping businesses reach new organization and management heights.
Client & Business challenge

Slow Work Pace Due To Disorganized File Storage

An Israel-based consumer service startup founder with a technical marketing background approached Linkup Studio. He had an idea and some initial drafts in hand. Supported by a survey-proven hypothesis, he explained that many companies using Google Drive to store documents face a lack of proper file structure. This results in disorganized storage and difficulty quickly locating needed documents.

In startups and enterprises, approximately 50% of workers typically ask colleagues for help navigating through endless folders to find the files they need. This time-consuming process slows the overall work pace. Furthermore, some workers may store their files in Dropbox or other cloud services, adding to the chaos as access to these services becomes necessary. While there are existing solutions to tackle this challenge, their high costs and low convenience can be prohibitive for some businesses.

Linkup Studio's mission was to develop a digital solution that is both affordable for companies of all sizes and robust enough to enable employees to efficiently locate all kinds of cloud documents and files without relying on colleagues.

project description

The Process To Make Shared Drives Painless

To enhance the shared drive experience for all workers and give the Neatly platform a solid competitive edge, our team took on the following tasks and developed these specific product features:

  • In-depth Discovery Phase. We conducted research among startup and SME workers in the US and the EU to determine the essential features users need for this type of solution.
  • Streamlined User Experience. We enabled Neatly users to manually create file categories, such as Marketing, Sales, and HR, to organize their stored documents. This makes the platform and its features easily accessible, even for someone on their first training day.
  • Document Tags. Each document can be tagged manually, allowing users to filter and find documents quickly.
  • Descriptive File Names. We tackled the common issue of document titles not providing enough information by introducing simple file descriptions. This way, users don't have to open a document only to find it's not what they were looking for.
  • File Notifications. To ensure smooth coordination between different company departments, we introduced manual file notifications. These inform users about changes made to the documents they rely on.
  • External Cloud Service Links. To address the challenge of unifying files across different cloud-based platforms, such as Dropbox, Box, and Airtable, we provided a feature to save links from these external cloud services.
The Process To Make Shared Drives Painless
The Simplest Digital Asset Manager for Google Drive

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The professionalism is most impressive. After having worked at many well-funded startups, I can say that the team at Linkup is the same quality. They have a strong understanding of how software should look and work, and they move quickly.
Billy Attar
Founder at Neatly
The Simplest Digital Asset Manager for Google Drive

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