Platform For Monetizing Influencers & Followers Interactions

Follower-To-Creator Marketplace

The Linkup Studio team has become a responsible tech partner that helped bring Wisio to life - a unique marketplace connecting fans directly with their favorite influencers. Our collaboration enabled followers to easily reach out to influencers and receive personalized services, ranging from singing and cartooning to spiritual tarots and dating advice. This platform has empowered influencers to authenticate their brand, expand their audience, and monetize their activities, and provided followers with valuable insights directly from their idols.

Since its launch, Wisio has raised $450k and managed to attract around 1k creators eager to join the platform in the first year, all without spending a penny on marketing. Currently, Wisio's user base includes 7,900 creators and 32,700 followers. Thanks to our partnership, the platform has seen such tremendous success that they're now branching out to create a similar platform for spiritual influencers who provide faith-based forecasts.

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Dec. 2017 - now
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Discover how we revolutionized the way fans and influencers communicate, enabling personal brand growth and audience expansion.
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Discover how we revolutionized the way fans and influencers communicate, enabling personal brand growth and audience expansion.
Client & Business challenge

Identifying Opportunities for Influencer Income and Follower Value

A startup founder from Jerusalem had previous experience in working with social media influencers and monetizing their activities. He identified a major gap in the market.

In recent years, social media has become a hotspot for micro-influencers. These niche experts often have a more significant impact and engagement with their audience compared to those with larger followings. These micro-influencers have valuable insights for people interested in their content, presenting a perfect opportunity for monetization not addressed by platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social media platforms. This observation led to the conception of Wisio.

The founder approached our team at Linkup Studio, seeking a proficient and reliable tech companion capable of bringing to life a platform that pairs followers with their cherished micro-influencers. Our mission was to provide influencers with an additional, reliable source of income, while also offering people worldwide more personalizedguidance and insights.

project description

Creating an Enjoyable User Experience

To make the experience of Wisio influencers and followers more appealing and enjoyable, we developed various product components catering to both user categories:

  • Creator's cabinet. After logging in, creators access their personal cabinet, a dedicated space for adding links to their social media platforms, showcasing skills, and specializations, and listing special services with descriptions. We incorporated an emergency replies field and preemptive questions to minimize repetitive queries, options for offering service discounts, and settings to manage permitted request types. Additionally, a vacation mode informs followers that the creator is unavailable, and request limits can be set to manage all the accepted requests.
  • Followers' process of contacting creators. Our team developed the functionality that followers can ask questions and attach videos or voice recordings (up to 2 minutes) to ensure clear communication, as well as add files to their inquiries. For faster responses, they can opt for a premium service, with the price set by the creator.
  • Delivering formats of replies from creators to their followers. Creators can send 3-5-minute live-recorded or pre-recorded videos as responses, adding a personal touch to the creator-follower interaction and providing confidential advice.
  • Easy and streamlined withdrawal. Influencers can withdraw earnings at their convenience through an integration with PayPal, ensuring a smooth financial transaction process.‚Äć
  • Single database creation. Linkup Studio‚Äôs team ensured all user data, media formats, links, and requests are meticulously stored within MongoDB, a robust database system that ensures the integrity and security of information while optimizing the platform's operation.
Creating an Enjoyable User Experience
Platform For Monetizing Influencers & Followers Interactions

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Working in an exceptionally professional way, they deliver the tasks on time and support regular and transparent communication. Their responsiveness, commitment, and affordable prices make them a perfect business partner.
Adam Frank
Co-Founder at Wisio
Platform For Monetizing Influencers & Followers Interactions

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