US Telehealth Platform Changing the Face of Medicine

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US Telehealth Platform Changing the Face of Medicine

After a year of work, Linkup Studio's platform has revolutionized patient-doctor interactions for a significant clinic network in the US. Thanks to the platform's speed, patients can now swiftly book appointments within physicians' busy schedules. Additionally, automated reminders have significantly reduced missed appointments.

Both patients and doctors access health records anytime and anywhere, with a 99.9% uptime. After the feedback-based optimization, the platform's design has resulted in a 98% satisfaction rate among patients and a 95% satisfaction rate among doctors. HIPAA-compliant security is paramount, with stringent measures like encryption, access control, and audit logging ensuring data safety, offering patients and doctors peace of mind. Our team tracked effectiveness via satisfaction surveys, uptime, and data breach incidence, confirming our commitment to secure, efficient, and user-friendly healthcare solutions. Currently, Linkup Studio supports the system and creates new features on the client's demand.

Result delivered:
Mobile Application from Scratch
Total product duration:
April 2022 - now
Involved Team:
11 members
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Uncover the transformation of patient-doctor interactions in a major US clinic network through Linkup Studio's cutting-edge platform
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Uncover the transformation of patient-doctor interactions in a major US clinic network through Linkup Studio's cutting-edge platform
Client & Business challenge

Defining Crucial Complications in Medical Interactions

A healthcare startup founder with a medical background had an idea to develop and launch an exceptional platform to revolutionize patients' experience of interaction with doctors and healthcare specialists for private clinics in the US. Formerly a physician, he also identified doctors' challenges in managing their daily activities.

Industry forecasts predicted that the number of digital health users in the United States would skyrocket to 220 million by the end of 2023. This surge implied an inevitable increase in patient requests for healthcare services within the clinic network. However, the existing system posed significant challenges. Doctor-patient interactions were overly complicated, lacking online payment capabilities and immediate access to doctors during unexpected health emergencies. Moreover, the system was not optimized for health record storage and raised concerns about the secure exchange of sensitive patient data.

Consequently, the client soughtaproficient tech and digital design partner to incorporate highly complex functionality tackling the above-mentioned challenges into one platform. Additionally, it had to meet all HIPAA regulations to be launched in the US.

project description

Implementing Multifaceted Features

In navigating these complex challenges, Linkup Studio accomplished several pivotal tasks:

  • Developing a responsive SaaS platform: We meticulously crafted a mobile and web-friendly platform, ensuring an effortless appointment scheduling process for patients and automating reminders to reduce missed appointments.
  • Designing an intuitive EHR system: For healthcare providers, we integrated a user-friendly EHR system that aligns with their workflow. This feature enables effective management of patient health records and promotes a smoother patient care process.
  • Prioritizing data security: Recognizing the sensitivity of private health data, our team built the platform with robust security measures from the ground up. Ensuring HIPAA compliance was a core aspect of our design, reinforcing user trust through guaranteed data privacy.
  • Integrating secure payment processing: Catering to a range of payment preferences, our platform houses secure and flexible payment processing capabilities, simplifying transactions for all users.
  • Incorporating emergency management features: The platform promptly handles patient emergencies, sending alerts for unusual vitals, enabling quick teleconsultations, and providing universal health record access, thus improving patient safety and care.
  • ‚ÄćEnabling direct prescription orders: To further cater to the telehealth experience, our platform facilitates the ordering of prescription medication directly, enhancing convenience and efficiency for both patients and healthcare providers.
Implementing Multifaceted Features
US Telehealth Platform Changing the Face of Medicine

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US Telehealth Platform Changing the Face of Medicine

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