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Linkup Studio became an essential tech and design partner in developing Winfluencers, a groundbreaking platform that transforms Pinterest into a powerful tool for product promotion. By enabling influencers to effectively promote products to their audiences, Winfluencers aligns brand marketing with quality traffic, ensuring clients pay only for impactful results. This innovative advertising approach maximizes brand reach and empowers influencers to earn from their content.

Since its inception, Winfluencers has shown promising results, with early MVP users worldwide witnessing a significant increase in targeted traffic and advertising ROI, alongside a notable decrease in ineffective ad spending. Winfluencers' success lies in its ability to bridge the gap between brands and influencers, offering a mutually beneficial solution for both parties in the digital marketing.

Result delivered:
The Tool for Product Promotion
Total product duration:
July 2018 – June 2019
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5 members
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Learn how our collaboration with the client empowered influencers and brands, boosting traffic, ROI, and reducing ineffective ad spending.
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Learn how our collaboration with the client empowered influencers and brands, boosting traffic, ROI, and reducing ineffective ad spending.
Client & Business challenge

Identifying the Challenges of Digital Advertising

A seasoned entrepreneur with expertise in performance marketing and strategic consulting identified a significant inefficiency in digital advertising: excessive spending on ineffective, non-targeted commercial traffic. This challenge led to Winfluencers, a concept designed to transform digital marketing through influencer engagement, particularly on Pinterest.

The client envisioned Winfluencers to revolutionize online advertising by developing a platform that leverages Pinterest's influential content creators. The objective was to provide businesses with a transparent, value-driven advertising approach, ensuring their marketing efforts resonate with a targeted audience.

The challenge for Linkup Studio was to construct a platform that connects businesses with suitable Pinterest influencers effectively, fostering impactful and meaningful advertising. This initiative intended to set a new standard in digital advertising, benefiting both businesses and consumers by enhancing the relevance and efficacy of online marketing campaigns.

project description

Crafting a Tailored Influencer Marketing Platform

In response to the inefficiencies in digital advertising, particularly the challenge of non-targeted and ineffective commercial traffic, Linkup Studio took up the challenge of creating a platform with features that address these issues head-on:

  • Two User Roles. Brand or an Influencer: Our team identified the necessity for differentiated experiences for brands and influencers. We developed this functionality to allow brands to directly connect with influencers who align with their target audience, fostering more precise and impactful collaborations. This feature also provides influencers access to a selection of brands that match their content style and audience.
  • Posts Management. Our team developed this feature to assist users in efficiently organizing and scheduling their promotional content. This is vital for both brands and influencers to maintain a consistent stream of engaging content, which is key to sustaining audience interaction and the success of marketing campaigns.
  • Payment System. Understanding the importance of financial trust, our team prioritized a transparent and secure payment system – PayPal. This functionality is designed to facilitate reliable financial transactions, ensuring fair compensation for influencers and measurable results for brands.
  • Email Notifications System. To enhance user engagement and keep them informed, our team implemented an email notification system. This feature is crucial for providing timely updates on new collaboration opportunities, system changes, and ongoing campaign progress.
  • Sharing of Posts. Acknowledging the influence of social sharing, we introduced this functionality to enable effortless sharing of promotional content on Pinterest. This feature plays a significant role in increasing the reach and effectiveness of marketing campaigns and in boosting brand visibility and audience engagement.
  • Counting Clicks System. Our team recognized the importance of accurately tracking user engagement with promoted content. This system offers valuable insights to both brands and influencers, allowing them to evaluate the success of their campaigns and adapt their strategies for maximum impact.
  • Ads and Clicks Management. We developed this feature to provide comprehensive control over advertising campaigns and user interactions. It allows brands to optimize their advertising spend and enables influencers to monitor their content's performance effectively, aligning marketing efforts with concrete, measurable outcomes.
Crafting a Tailored Influencer Marketing Platform
Platform for Product Promotion via Pinterest

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We valued their seemingly around-the-clock availability. LinkUp Studio was amiable throughout the project and open to modifying their work to fit expectations. They were supportive and delivered high-quality work
Moe Mernick
Founder & CEO at Winfluencers
Platform for Product Promotion via Pinterest

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