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In nine months, the Linkup team created an innovative and HIPAA-compliant web application for beauty industry professionals and enthusiasts in the US. CLASHD's big idea integrates the functions of professional training, internal communication, and e-commerce all in one platform. The client is now searching for investments and negotiating with major beauty industry corporations for further product development. 

As of now, CLASHD design has broken into the TOP 5 on Behance in the categories "Interaction Design," "Web Design," and "UX/UI Design."


Web Platform From Scratch

Total product duration:

Oct 2021 - now

Involved Team:

11 members

Received awards:

TOP 5 of Behance in three categories

Discover how our team helped turn a broad client concept into a robust web-based beauty community platform


Combining all in one

The client is a beauty studio owner from the US. Extensive practical knowledge and coaching in beauty services, in addition to influencing thousands of followers in her social media groups led her to the idea of creating a unique platform. 

The industry is now saturated with many businesses, including specialized blogs, educational programs, online stores of mature brands, and more. The product the client wanted to create had to be strong enough to compete against industry heavyweights like  Lash Bash Salon, Sephora, GQ Magazine, SKKN by Kim, and others.  

Being an expert in her field and having a forward-looking CLASHD concept, she needed a trusted technical and strategic partner to create a comprehensive web platform from scratch. She required an entire cycle of services, including profound business analysis, UX/UI design, system architecture, backend, frontend development, QA, and DevOps to get the product to market and attract further investments.


Making the complex simple

The Linkup team has become a fully responsible software development partner. Our goal was to make not just a “good” but an “outstanding” product. Here are the goals and objectives we have been working on:

  • In-depth study of the industry by reading and watching specialized materials, including books and client courses, as well as drawing ideas from renowned beauty businesses like Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel.
  • Research and implementation of HIPAA compliance requirements to launch CLASHD in the US. 
  • Search for a solution to keep an intuitive pixel-perfect interface for women from 18 to 60+ and implement all the complex functionality.
  • Secure development of a high-load system with rich functional architecture, intelligent big data management, and an encrypted database. All product servers support autoscaling. We have integrated the Elasticsearch engine to improve search speed and Stripe API for further subscription and cryptocurrency payments. 

Our team adapted to the client's busy business schedule and regular change of time zones and ensured smooth cooperation with regular meetings and stable sprints. "I appreciate your work. Thank you," we heard from the client after each call.

Project Overview

1 Week


  • Learing the project, understanding idea, business, scope, etc.


  • Project Overview




8 Weeks


  • Analyzed target audience
  • Conducted market research
  • Conducted ideation session for main functionality using user stories
  • Prioritized modules and features
  • Prepared requirements for design phase
  • Designed the information architecture
  • Detailed work on the UX and preparation of a few style options for the design
  • Prepared scope for estimation
  • Conducted estimation session
  • Formed MVP based on client`s budget and timeline frames


  • User story map
  • Priorities plan
  • Specification for design
  • User flow
  • Wireframes in Figma
  • Development plan with cost and timeline estimation




Development phase

4 Months


  • Sprint 0: preparation for the development and design creation
  • Sprint 1: Design and Data base architecture creation
  • Sprint 2: Design finishing and start of the development, creation of the Landing page
  • Sprint 3: registration for the Member part
  • Sprint 4: Creation of the Blog and Articles listings
  • Sprint 5: Creation of the comments and notifications
  • Sprint 6: Lisitng with partners, part for non register users
  • Sprint 7: Admin panel setup and development ( we used admin panel out of the box, already existed solution)
  • Sprint 8: Test and Bug fixing, Stage 1 released.
  • Sprint 9 and 10: additional work change requests and bug fixing after release.
  • Sprint 11: Start development of "Create courses" functionality and Brand page.
  • Sprint 12: Payments, Subscriptions, all user types profile pages.
  • Sprint 13: we stopped.


  • Ready to use system with ability to start generating user flow and everything about articles
  • Planned to finish with Courses and payment methods, after that we supposed to launch website as a beauty platform with almost everything done except Shop functionality

Iterative process
by sprints

Project Overview

1 Week

  • Initial Communication
  • Initial Analysis


8 Weeks

  • Business Analysis
  • UX Design
  • Development plan

Development phase

4 Months

  • Iterative process by sprints
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Project Overview

1 Week


  • Learing the project, understanding idea, business, scope, etc.


  • Project Overview


Simple & Chick looking multifunctional platform

As a result, the Linkup team provided the client with an entirely new HIPAA-compliant platform with many separate and independent features combined to create a comprehensive beauty industry community. 

CLASHD includes proven E-learning technologies like step-by-step course-building systems, quizzes, and unique certifications for professional training. The blog mechanics allows the creation of easily customizable articles with the option to add text information, illustrations, PDF files, and various attached documents. A built-in messenger will provide convenient communication for users, and the shop function will make it possible to sell and buy products directly from the platform.

Technology Stack:







No one has understood what I want and what I draw up like they do. Linkup has been so good to me that I’ve stopped shopping around for other agencies.

Brittani Sylvester



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