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Digital Real Estate: 8 successful app ideas to invest

Digital Real Estate: 8 successful app ideas to invest
With the digital transformation of the business, it’s crucial to always keep an eye open for new ideas
Oksana Khrupa
Oksana Khrupa
Chief Sales Officer

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The real estate business is a rapidly growing niche with infinite possibilities for modernization, and that is quite visible with the recent arrival of the digital transformation of the business.

And with this digital change comes the necessity to invest in the right tools to keep up with the trends and to not fall behind the competition.

A research conducted by the National Association of Realtors pointed out that the majority of homebuyers, 76% of them, are using mobile devices in the process of finding and purchasing a home, opting for apps and online tools to optimize the actions.

Adapting to these numbers is essential in order to stay sharp in the real estate universe and sky rocket your company into the new digital era.

So, with that in mind, we are bringing 8 real estate app ideas that you must know and invest to improve your business. Let’s take a look at them!

Marketplace app

Marketplace platforms in general are already an interesting and trending investment in any business, and it couldn’t be different for the real estate area.

Just in 2019, 47% of all online purchases were made through marketplaces and the numbers keep growing, which means there is no better time to be investing in that area.

A housebuying marketplace app where clients can find infinite options of properties without leaving their sofa is exactly what people are looking for now in the digital era. The Covid-19 pandemic was a pivotal event to boost the online migration and consumption like never before, and the Real Estate Market did not stay behind.

Common features

  • Smart search functionality
  • Client-seller direct message option
  • Efficient payment system
  • Sellers trustworthy profile feature

Our take on this app

A good example is Apartolino, a property renting app developed by Linkp Studio. It brings this simplified homebuying method proposition for the Swiss market.

Apartolino property renting app

Property listing app

Another trending option that has been catching the attention of buyers is simplified property listing apps.

Those apps bring complete transparency on the information available for every property - from the home details to the neighborhood stats - all in the practicality of a mobile device, simple and efficient.

In the real estate market, a trustworthy relationship is crucial to keep things going, so a tool like that can make a huge difference in your results.

Common features

  • Smart search engine and filter
  • Easy direct broker communication system
  • House tour schedule functionality
  • Favorite/save option

Our take on this app

Our team developed Nirvasa, a new concept for a property listing app with smart searching filters and complete information about each home available, which makes the experience even better.

Nirvasa listing app

CRM app

Finding new leads and converting them into business is not an easy thing for agents to do, let’s face it. This is ranked as one of the biggest challenges faced today by the Real Estate with a rate of 23.4%, according to a study made by the Digital Marketing Community.

That is why tools such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are so important and are being more and more adhered to businesses, as you can organize your clients list and monitor their interest and information in order to better understand them.

Getting a CRM app is another right step that will allow you to reach all the important customer’s information anytime and anywhere you are.

A study conducted by The Close pointed out that realtors whose gross commission is of $100,00 or more, are twice or even more likely to use a CRM tool in their business than realtors who don't.

Common features

  • Clients map
  • Smart tasks flow
  • Offline documents tool
  • Call identification

Our take on this app

LinkUp Studio is currently developing an innovative CRM app that is thought especially to improve customer-agents relationship in an easy and practical way. Our app is an custom-made internal tool that helps professionals optimize their work and their contact with clients.

Locality view app

Knowing the region where an apartment is located is essential when closing a deal, as it can make all the difference between choosing it or not. When the client doesn’t know all the information needed about a certain neighborhood, it can get really difficult for them to choose a house there.

A locality review app is a new way of solving this difficulty, as it can make clients help other clients by leaving complete reviews and ratings on certain locations, defining them by safety, quality of living, distance and other factors.

This certainly is a feature to be investing in, as the real estate business also relies on the locations to sell a home.

Common features

  • Efficient maps
  • Complete view of the region
  • Social integration and communication system
  • Property management

Management system app

Clients, documents, agendas to manage. All of this can be a real headache to organize and it can slow the agent's performance. In order to have a constant and efficient workflow, it’s a reasonable idea to use all the technology available out there.

Automation tools that can provide us ease at work such as a management system app can certainly do the trick and become indispensable for our daily tasks.

Management apps are becoming a common trend in real estate as it allows realtors to virtually organize and sign contracts with clients, automate the workflow and manage all of the current projects and deals in a very simplified way.

A report from Statista showed that the content management softwares market was expected to reach 43.1 billion dollars during 2021 with continuous growth until 2024.

Common features

  • Data management
  • Automated scheduling
  • Projects track and monitoring
  • Automated planning
Management softwares data

Virtual auction app

Auctions have always been a useful resource for the real estate market, as it offers a very interesting proposition for clients to invest at.

But nowadays, technology has found ways to make it even better and easier through online auctions.

An app that can provide all the necessary information about date and location of auctions is a great way of making good deals and assuring your customers will always stay informed.

Common features

  • Auctions schedules
  • Social community sharing
  • Notification system
  • Subscription option

Calculator app

The amount of time professionals have to spend calculating all the important details of a deal can be frustrating, and it surely gets in the way when it comes to making a deal faster.

As if mortgage calculation wasn’t difficult enough, there can still be taxes and other details that demand a lot of effort.

To simplify those tasks comes smart calculator apps, thought especially for the real estate market.

Those can really make the difference in your workflow and general task schedule as it can automatically predict the exact amount your customer will need to be paying.

Common features

  • Analysis system
  • Mortgage and taxes calculation
  • Email sharing
  • Built-in calculator

Blockchain app

Although technology certainly plays a big role in facilitating our lives, sometimes it can also be a dangerous tool.

A report from the FBI pointed out that about 13,638 people were victims of online real estate fraud in 2020.

Frauds and scams are not unusual to happen on the internet, and that is why a digital safety system is so important - especially when we are talking about big deals that involve huge amounts of money.

A blockchain system is the ideal option for such matters, and it's becoming a rising trend in the real estate market.

This system can take care of all transactions by automating them and guaranteeing safety and turning the process much faster.

A recent study conducted by International Data Corp. presented that the global investments on blockchain solutions will reach $11.7 billion by 2022, an annual growth of 72%.

Common features

  • Automated transactions
  • Payment security feature
  • Transactions records
  • Low transactions fees
Web fraud data

Ready to create an app for your business?

There are many possibilities for the mobile digital real estate market, and new app ideas and innovation are the terms to be looking for right now.

Taking time for a discovery phase is for sure the ideal first step into finding what is the best app to be investing for your business and the current market trends related to it.

So, if you feel inspired to invest in a new app to accelerate your business, contact our team and let's work together!

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Oksana Khrupa
Oksana Khrupa
Chief Sales Officer
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