Product-Oriented Manifesto by Linkup Studio

A product-oriented mindset focuses on building high-quality digital products that deliver long-term value to customers and provide a competitive advantage in the market through real-time feedback. This agile approach emphasizes continuous collaboration between developers and stakeholders, outcome-oriented prioritization, and profit-centered metrics aligned with business objectives.

1. Continuous Improvement icon

1. Continuous Improvement

The product-oriented approach emphasizes continuous delivery and strives for improvements at every stage of development, that involves automation to minimize manual intervention, regular assessments to identify areas for enhancement, while ensuring that the product meets quality standards and user needs.

2. Lean-Agile/Lean Agility icon

2. Lean-Agile/Lean Agility

The product-oriented approach embraces the combination of lean methodology and agility, focusing on reducing waste and optimizing efficiency throughout the development process and also prioritizes flexibility to iterate quickly and respond to changing user needs, market demands, and technological advancements.

3. Collaborative Environment icon

3. Collaborative Environment

The product-oriented approach values a collaborative environment that fosters open communication and results in increased engagement and effective cooperation.

4. Empowerment of Teams icon

4. Empowerment of Teams

The product-oriented approach empowers teams to make decisions and take ownership of the development process, which leads to better productivity and innovations.

5. Feedback-Driven icon

5. Feedback-Driven

The product-oriented approach prioritizes frequent feedback loops to ensure that the product is meeting the needs of its customers and stakeholders.

6. Data-Driven icon

6. Data-Driven

The product-oriented approach uses data to guide decision-making, relies on analysis outcomes to ensure that decisions are grounded in objective facts rather than subjective opinions.

7. Value-Driven icon

7. Value-Driven

The product-oriented approach prioritizes features and tasks based on their ability to deliver value to users and drive commercial benefits for the business, with a focus on achieving objectives rather than just completing backlog tasks.